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  1. Everyday i wake up i look in the mirror and wish for the sweet release of death.

  2. Remember when Portugal had a good team and was a contestant for the finals? Yeah.....

    1. Se7en
    2. CashPrizes


      Why I love the Magyars.

  3. Nvidia or ATI, one thing is for sure.... they're both ripping people off, (and whoever develops games). Let's face it, most people buy the most recent graphics card to play videogames, not much else... Now look at it, games like Fallout 4 (for example) asking for a GTX 780 3GB and then look at it's shitty graphics... pretty sure i've seen better years ago with a gtx 285 and a copy of crysis huh. We're all paying hundreds and some even thousands of whatever currency for minimal improvements. Obviously game developers are at fault with poorly optimized games, "lying about graphics", straight out false requirements, etc.... All in all, i have no idea what i'm talking about, but i'm seriously butthurt because it feels like my GTX980 was not worth 600 euros, not even 300.
  4. One who walks with the lotus cheetah seeks the magnolia mountain in springtime.

  5. Lotus, the ever diminuishing community that thinks removing it's own members is gonna make it better.

  6. Doesn't Dr. Pepper just taste like a less intense Cherry Coke?! After 23 years of hype, i gotta say i was kinda dissapointed.....

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    2. koKo_


      Yeah most people either hate it or love it I like it as I don't drink much Coke in general, it's a good sub

    3. No longer a Sexy King:^)

      No longer a Sexy King:^)

      It's smoother than Coke, just because of that it earns a place in my top 3 favourite drinks. 150 calories a can tho.

    4. fever


      Dr Pepper adverts are better than Coke adverts, tastes better too

  7. u wot? Awesome, on top of not being able to comment status updates or upate my own, i can't even link stuff anymore. Anyway, original Night is that shitty one by Deen, Unlimited is the new one by ufotable, which is like 20x better, so watch Unlimited.
  8. After all this years watching Monogatari, it still makes me go:
  9. Hype train cannot be stopped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRdtWrE9bF8
  10. When i first watched Steins Gate 2-3 years ago i loved it without barely any complains and even gave it a 10/10, but after the game got released earlier this year i got it on the ps vita. Watching the anime again it feels like it's a massive rush and sometimes episodes feel like they're missing a line connecting them, like they're almost standalone, mainly in the begin. Fucks VN's for being too good.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-JnNLX5jJs #hypetrainggoeschoochoomotherfucker #goodanime #whyevenbotherwithothershows #shaftstillsavinganime #hashtag
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