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  1. Hi guys, just wondering how to make your songs in the battle realms playlist to be ALWAYS the combat version. That gets me so pumped!!! Any idea how?
  2. shinja is better all-round, otomo has some serious weaknesses (the same as samurai: magic and explosive), but he kills shinja cause hes got EXCELLENT armor against cutting. and shinja has got GOOD armor against cutting (or lower idk)
  3. aw come on, if something has to be considered as abuse it should be sehks soul chill ffs, thats just TOO OVERPOWERED!
  4. I totally agree, though we must not forget the pitch slingers ability to damage many units over the path his projectile flies(he can hit melee units below the tower) and damage many units through this way. for moo moo: and if u want a samurai to fight of your enemy why fucking put him on a tower, put a ranged unit or geisha on it... and let him fight below?? and dont forget the powder keg can barely aim accurately.... he always fucking missesm unless the enemy stands still or runs towards him!!!!.!!!
  5. yeah fuck off dragon is weak enough already. if something has to be underpowered or left out it would be the fucking soul chill
  6. people, fire shield does explosive damage in thw WOTW version!!!!! it says it in the readme of changed things for balance. i chose teppos thingy, because it sucks dick if u ask me, waste of hero's BG and stamina of the hero...
  7. i love massing fat sumo cannonneers with indirect fire on my enemies' base XD. protected by samurai. so : 1powder keg cannonneer 2samurai
  8. LOLLL??? Teppo eats buildings for breakfast. he lights them on fire, and he casts as much damage as 5 unupgraded chemists (the firedamage not included!) ...
  9. we all know dragon sucks ass agianst lotus, on any level, but if u ask me spearman>blade acolyte waht the other guy said was right. kabuki warrior can own a couple of musketeers, so if he musketrushes, you can counter with like 3 kabukis and hes dead (if he doesnt use sniperability). for swordsmen u can use spearmen or kabukis. for buildings use chemists they also own muskets and damage swordsmen if needed, but don't count on it, theyre weak as shit against swordsmen unguarded.
  10. Sorry to pop everyones bubble, but otomo> shinja. ive seen it on youtube: and i can explain it: otomo has the weaknesses and strengths of a samurai. he has EXCELLENT ARMOR against cutting (shinja's attack). Otomo cuts aswel. but shinja has only GOOD ARMOR (if not lower) against cutting. so yea .. he loses Otomo owns shinja's ass, he wouldn't even get red hp. check it in the videolink i sent
  11. Nevertheless i still think dragon is the mudafucking weakest clan of BR. come on, swordsman>dragon warrior cannonneer>kabukiwarrior swordman> powder keg cannonneer musketeer = powder keg cannonneer swordsman> chemist cannonneer> chemist im not sure but i think bandit> kabukiwarrior bandit>dragon warrior . spearman>swordsman but is slower and has much less attack vs buildings for example. archer= musketeer but musketeer has better bgs and MUCH MORE ARMOR!!!! sledger> dragon warrior sledger= kabukiwarrior but kabukiwarrior has MUCH LESS ARMOR and no siege ability, also a weakness against magic. pitch slinger>powder keg cannonneer, he can also light buildings on fire. and has MUCH BETTER armor, for instance against cutting. ballistaman> archer warlock> powder keg cannonneer,archer,chemist,kabukiwarrior, and in groups: dragon warrior and samurai too if ur even A BIT CLEVER. still its my favorite clan, because all the other clans are fucking mad as shit. 37 cannons with smokes. how about 40 warlocks with soul chill? they pwn anyones ass in no time
  12. lol i tend to think dragon was best in the unpatched version. because since in wotw missile units have 25% more damage, they have become the best units to use instead of melee. and dragon is a meleeclan if u ask me. but thats my vision.
  13. ronin, samurai and berserkers give CUTTING DAMAGE. I said with NO BGS dude... epic fail i think berserkers are more formidable, because they DON'T DIE from stupid explosives and magic... lol i once owned my friend, who had been using ronin only with yin blades with MUSKETEERS ON HORSES XD.
  14. monks. as shinja said: they would be good fother for the front lines. ninjas are imo useless cowards with stupid piercing attacks,i barely use yinclans anyway...
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