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  1. So guys we just relaunched a minecraft server and I know a few people were talking here about wanting one to play on _________________________________________________________ At UKGT we aim to provide Minecraft players with a fun, enjoyable experience. We may not be the biggest but we thrive on a good friendly community and aim to be the best. Our server offers players the original Minecraft experience with a few added extras to make it work in a multiplayer environment. We have a Survival world and creative world so whether you want to design something in creative first or do some pixel art or want to mine and build from the group up we have everything covered. The server uses chest and door protection so you are safe from other players. Creeper explosions and fire spread are turned off. PVP is enabled but we don’t allow griefing or raiding so you are safe in your base or spawn. Any griefers will be banned by our friendly active staff and your buildings will be fixed in seconds. We also have some fun plugins installed like PorteCoulissante, RetractableBridge and player activated redstone and you can see working example in our server trailer at the bottom. If you want to use the added extras you can do, we have shops and iConomy running. You have access to a PVP arena to battle your friends, a spleef arena and a mob arena to gain random drops and XP. So what are you waiting for? Join us today! IP: MC.UKGT.NET Check out the server trailer below:
  2. Coming from you? How about this to cheer you up?
  3. - Oli -


    So I'll link you a file which shows me watching a hacker on the 2fort server. At tick 5084 (1:16) you can see a status screenshot. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62211535 No steam community profile setup meaning I don't even know his actual name. Had about 3-4 hackers on the server in quick succession, I'm wondering if they are on the same IP? (might be worth checking versus any logs of the server around 18:00 today (23/02/13) on the uk 2fort (*33 but actually X24) server. I was considering coming back into tf2 and playing on lotus servers, but if after about 30 minutes gameplay there are 3+ players who have joined and are hacking... uhm might have to count me out on coming back into it.
  4. To begin with, his previous account had a VAC ban, and in accordance with lotusclan bans that means alternate accounts evading a ban are also banned. Clearly this is already enough to remain banned according to your rules. Secondly, the number of players in support of the ban were many, including a lot of staff: Afronanny, Cactus (after a steam chat with Jaegermau), ProLoser, bloodyx, Krash. In addition to this, many lotus members also supported a ban as well as a large number of recruits (who didn't necessarily post in public threads and so will remain un-named). The decision was quite unanimous and bringing him back would not be very utilitarianistic. I for one would rather play elsewhere than on a lotus server with this player present. Also http://forums.gamingterritory.com/topic/20527-ban-request-jaegermau5-warning-foul-language/'>here You can see the screenshot of the language used at the time of the players banning. Clearly this is not what any community needs, except that of 4Chan. Unfortunately there is not evidence of the previous language used towards me when in another MvM lobby he insulted me and darkness, although players were present who could verify he did make an attempt to cause aggravation although this was ignored by myself. As Jaegermau is requesting to be accepted back into the lotus community, perhaps we should consider his contributions to the community that he "would love" to be accepted back into; 13 posts, all of which were in ban requests about him or his application. Players who have spent years playing on the 2fort server agreed his behaviour was abusive and not the behaviour we would like on lotus servers. It'll be players such as jaegermau who cause people to post on forums like reddit about how lotusclan is a bad community and it'll damage your future popularity. I get the feeling that he has made great contributions and really loves spending time here. - I'd like to know when I've ever screamed on the mic.
  5. Why the hell can't I withdraw it The one feature that they actually should add players want... And yes, I do know why - they don't want to lose money by players taking it out of the system when it can be fixed to valves store (although they'd make money on the transaction charge anyway)
  6. - Oli -

    New Stats

    So what you're saying is, either stats or gaben are trolling you so your rank remains low? Sucks, maybe there just isn't a ranking system able to cope with the sheer volume of things going on (or it appears so if this is the third system tried that can't keep up).
  7. - Oli -

    New Stats

    You do realise the guy in second (as of this post) has a K:D of 0.38. 'Nuff said.
  8. Dustbowl + 1 Million Grenades and a thousand stickybombs, it happens ALL THE TIME - Not epic for a medic trying to heal you
  9. You should lobby with us. Games a few times a week on versus
  10. - Oli -

    Hi All

    I was expecting grammar nazi posts, yet I see none. The riot shield would've been good for that, despite your alterior intentions for using it XD
  11. All jokes aside there are probably skinnier people to serve in mcdonalds.
  12. lol Bukowski I can see now why your application got denied xD
  13. - Oli -

    Stats Reset

    I was using the in game system but when someone checked for me online they confirmed my points hadn't moved either (think it was sexy king, but not too sure). Moved straight to dustbowl and changed (in game and online) pretty much instantly though. I'll give it another go tomorrow and see if working then or if some stats for 2fort have been updated
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