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  1. Would You Mind Teaching Me How To Mod Battle Realms :)

  2. File Name: Battle Mountains File Submitter: Nicky File Submitted: 29 Mar 2010 File Category: Maps Hey guys here is my first map in here so please no bad comments.its a 3 player map Enjoy! Click here to download this file
  3. is in a vacation.

  4. Nicky

    Battle Mountains


    Hey guys here is my first map in here so please no bad comments.its a 3 player map Enjoy!
  5. whats that suppose to mean? "Oh my gawd,what the f**k and barbeque??
  6. grayback.i dont think i have to explain why
  7. fire shield makes the geisha's melee attack stronger. lol i agree with you!
  8. ok thnx for the reply
  9. OMG! really?! i didnt know that! gotta try this one now! Back to topic: The wolf is also strong becuz of their zen masters.Two of them are good against buildings,Grayback and the Shale Lord..
  10. graybacks journey is the easiest campaign,i can finish the whole campaign in 1 hour the dragon campaign is not that easy but a little hard. the serpent campaign is the hardest becuz of the serpentholm mission (the second one)and their enemy is the wolf clan,the strongest clan of all(for me ) but i finished all of the campaigns Q:How did you get past the serpentholm mission? A:I used trainers xD
  11. Ive been playing battle realms a long time and i still dont know what is the use of that monument. When i tried to summoned that,the stone transformed to the dragon and i used(wasted) 3 yang points to make the raining fire thingie Then,when i used that thing at the enemy base,nothing happened so,what is the purpose of this monument?
  12. Ok, thnx for the correcting i was sleepy when i was making that post Anyway,the unlimited building was impossible,i dont know what MrFish did.The yvaine keep is already finished,still uploading EDIT:Here:LINK
  13. Shinja,becuz he has poison and otomo doesnt have much attack power,he just supports allies in battle..
  14. the serpentholm keep and tarrant is not possible(i already tried that) but yvaine's keep is possible.I will start tomorrow,im a bit lazy right now.... btw the bg for nightvol is not ready yet,im still finding the value of something unlimited building already posted by MRfish here:Unlimited Buildings
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