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  1. a_puma01

    Goldeneye Source

    Goldeneye for the Wii is already out, it features single player storymode and i think multiplayer. Goldeneye Source was just released this week. Only multiplayer and done by a Mod team. It is /really/ fun! It is also 1100X better then the Wii version as it is NOT on a console.
  2. a_puma01

    Goldeneye Source

    Holy shit, golden eye source is really fun! Lotus needs to set up a seatle based GY server! lol
  3. Sorry pal, it seems without 100% obvious/blatent cheating a lot of requests are sometimes not taken serious. Yeah, i also suggested to him next time do record in first person, no sense in 3rd. Thanks again guys.
  4. Or how he aimed Right on me on 3 separate occasions when No one else was around me. I didnt move, i sat there waiting for him to shoot me while i was totally cloaked and his aim bot shot me instead of the other guy whom came out of our spawn area.
  5. if you google STEAM_0:0:36921774 it comes up with two other places who have banned him. http://iogaming.net/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0:0:36921774&Submit http://www.topnotchclan.com/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&advsearch=steam_0:1:11725523&advtype=steamid&submit
  6. Tappy was taking demos and i was the spy bait. here is one of my demos if him chasing me and shooting me even tho i was never visable. Demo
  7. Alright i was just asking. I didn't come here to cry or complain, i can easily handle my own. Usually when he spawn camps i make it my goal to kill him and i usually do 80% of the time so is not a big deal. I was just curious, thanks
  8. ok i searched the forums for a rules section but didnt read anything reguarding spawn door camping. I only play on 1 map 24/7 2fort west. There is a guy whenever i am playing Always camps spawn doors with sticky bombs. Is this against the server rules? Its not as if he does it once or twice in a 4 hour period, he often eventually gets killed, spawns, sticky jumps across and mines doors again. This goes on and on till he gets tired off it. What say you Lotus? Any rule on this behavior? Its one thing if the intel is being run out of the base and he his helping defend, but he's doing it purely because he can.
  9. a_puma01

    Ban Request

    Thanks to you too pal!
  10. a_puma01

    Ban Request

    I've been playing FPS's online since Quake 1, i still firmly believe he is cheating.. But like you said, its up to Deja, Josh or Afro. Thanks for watching at least Krash
  11. a_puma01

    Ban Request

    I think the scout part at the intel is pretty definitive. He spots scout, goes down hall way, fires Once towards scout, scout changes directions and he ignores that hallway after that. How do you know the scout changed directions. Then he waits for scout to come around corner, scout changes directions again, Then he goes into intel. First spy he finds looks like a team mate so he didnt fire, till the spy tried killing him at wich point he fires. Then he totally pre fires on the spy coming down spiral. As far as the SG near intel, in the video it is never displayed, he didnt look in that direction hence he ran into it twice.
  12. a_puma01

    Ban Request

    new evidence. Someone sent me a PM with a link to their Youtube channel with all 3 videos of the demos i provided. http://www.youtube.com/user/sappinmytele?feature=mhum He used some kinda "materials" or whatever cheat/exploit/ whatever the hell it is.. I suggest an admin look at all 3 videos on this guys channel.
  13. Looking for Lugermorph. Will trade Black paint and a name tag for it
  14. a_puma01

    Ban Request

    How do you go about banning someone then whom uses a wall hack but not an aim bot? Doesn't seem you Could possibly get definitive evidence unless they cry out they are cheating. I'll try and get better evidence of this guy then. Thanks for looking at the demos tho
  15. a_puma01

    Ban Request

    Really???? You cannot see him look through the wall when he is in the enemy intel? or when he travels back up the spiral from intel he pre fires on his own team mate?
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