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  1. What's going on with stats

    1. D-Bee


      Good question.

    2. Domino


      Testing of the backend currently prior to being put live

  2. your granny would do it better
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49LGfdmbxb8&list=PLapZVVUaIY3AEczYtFqpYwPBI88-Q0VJg&index=169
  4. Oh yes, I called vote ban and it passed, so he is still banned atm.
  5. Few moments ago on 2fort UK fast. He was playing heavy, has aimbot, see spies ect U:1:206886892 demo: https://www.mediafire.com/?2ze2tjpxof91an6
  6. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    Yes, will finish this tournament. We will talk on Steam, I'm sure it won't be pain in the ass to organise simple match and we will have it this week or maybe weekend. For the rest... gg, keep up with good work.
  7. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    Yes, I don't care for not having her on my fr list. Seriously, I can survie my lil life without it. I do care how she just ignored me and basicaly treated me like I'm someone not worth to get simple respond from. Next rock
  8. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    oh wow ok, so Emma removed me from her friends list and that's fine. I don't care. You can see here that a week ago I tired to arrange a match. She said she will answer, but she never did. I buged Turtle to talk to her to ask about match. Then I was just like fak that I will send her friend request so we can arrange a match, she can remove me after it. She declined it, so I sent her msg yesterday on practice that I wanna arrange match therefor I sent her friend invite. She didn't reply anything. I'm sorry, but at that point I was quite annoyed by all that poop and her reactions. No, she doesn't have to be my best buddy, but at least she could have replied here or via request or via msg on server. And yes at the and Turtle replied that he got replied that they will drop off the tournament. There, aaaall explanation. Now go throw rocks at me how bitch I am, how I'm moaning ect.
  9. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    I guess salty popcorns can be consolation prize for the one who already is out in this tournament lel I see finals differently, can we haz bettings
  10. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    Nothing to see, move along I'm glad this is progressing, we are close to finals edit: will we have betting?
  11. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    Yeah, you told him that today, like 30 mins ago. This ignoring poop you pulled out was rude and bs, gg! Anyways, yes JB, I'm hoping we will play game this week/weekend
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