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  1. I got some purple and it´s barely visible when I walk >< Horseshoes are the best :3
  2. the begining by the look it has other songs too
  3. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    make dinner first, light candles ect then ask or just get him drunk that will do ^^
  4. xD let´s just face it we are one virtualy big happy screwed family here
  5. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    Can we haz this in tavern pl0x I´m hoping some nubs will join... eyes on Alex, Mac, Emma, Sexy, Panda ect
  6. Happy Birthday Maca( . )( . ) Now, shake shake that booty and enjoy your day
  7. I have Sinister Staining color/spell (green~ish one) and I´m looking for Die Job (yellow~ish one) :s They have same price. I know, long shot, but maybe someone? anyone? pl0x
  8. when it´s cold and rainy
  9. On the other hand we could have bets here who will stay till the end xD Ultidou tournament lasted like few months due inactivity
  10. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    Do tell, I worked in sport betting and loved playing roulette lel lol those names xd
  11. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    We had gambling before for Ultiduo... don´t remember who did it. And what is this? I was hoping more people would be interested in, at least soldier is popular class to play. Cmon
  12. LjubicaZubica


    I believe it´s zis one ^^
  13. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    JB, I was thinking (there´s a shocker) maybe put this in tavern and extend it to exLotus people?
  14. LjubicaZubica

    BBall Tournament

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiin Just so you know, i would kick yer arsses if we´d play real basketball! Team Turtle & me Lordy do help us
  15. LjubicaZubica


    xD oh I remember when you got killed by zombie through wall ahaha
  16. LjubicaZubica


    inb4 someone mentions hackers again
  17. What map is that? And is it for practising sniper? I realised I´m enjoying sniping, but all fun stops when some half decent sniper joins game, so could use some practice x) and to sherk Macboobs
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