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  1. IceSage

    Unban Request (Read Post)

    Hello, I would be posting this in the appropriate forum but it no longer exists or I don't have access to it. (I tried clicking the "Bans forum" but it says I "Don't have access.") I am requesting an unban from the LotusClan servers. Long story short (I won't post a lot of stuff because apparently some people think it's a tl;dr -- Even though I like to be as precise as possible.) I got banned from here once a long time ago. It was an unsubstantiated request and I got permabanned without warning or any previous infractions. Then I had that permaban unlifted on a "final notice" because there was no evidence and everything was unsubstantial. Then about 5 months in from my unban I got banned again from the admin "ProLoser" and even though I posted a long detailed request for an unban / appeal, it didn't go through and ProLoser gave me a very long list of reasons why I should be permanently banned. I argued with this but he just wouldn't have it, saying I was "trouble" in the community. Regardless, LotusClan is essentially my "home." I started playing "Team Fortress 2" on these servers. I always posted "ban reports" for troublesome users. I've always tried to be a respectful member of this community. I really think whatever happened in the past was serious miscommunication and I'm sorry for that, but essentially in THIS COMMUNITY I've always tried and in my opinion have been a valued member of it. I'm not sure what went wrong but basically I was permanbanned again from this community. The reason(s) being I was "troublesome" by kicking "random" people from the servers just to "be a dick." I can assure you, on THIS community, I have never intended to be a dick or "Troublesome." Let me be clear, I have never "hacked" or "Abused" anything. There just seems to be a miscommunication on these servers because of the "attitude" I've had with my "Worst. Sniper. Ever." character I've had on these servers. Which, has never been a problem until I ventured outside of "Lotus Arena! Chicago" servers. Let me summarize: I have never hacked on this community. I have always listened to what Administrators on here have said and followed them exactly. (Even when I was banned for no reason or evidence, twice.) This is my very first Team Fortress 2 community, and I have a generally friendly repertoire with the main Administrator of this server. (Mana.) I have followed very carefully and respected every decision administrators have made. I won't get into the exact details and I wont argue past occurrences... But generally, I love this community and everyone here. I've been gone a very long time and I have not made a peep since. I feel like I've been treated unfairly by a few people here but generally I feel like I'm a very respectful person and have NEVER done anything to warrant a "permaban" on these servers. I've only had "1 warning" and that was an immediate permanban. It was then lifted on a "Zero Tolerence" basis, and then I was banned again out of nowhere. The reasons make it seem like I'm generally a dickwad banning people all over the place while "donator" and just being an ass in general, but I can assure you that's not the case. Every time I've done anything on the server it's to protect it and to protect it's decency. There was one guy who had the "Lotus Recruit" tag up without submitting the request on the forums, so I kicked that guy a couple of times with votes. (Because I thought he was wearing the tag without cause.) A couple of people on some servers were being TOTAL TROLLS so I votebanned them. .. In the end, one of the admins sided with the trolls and permabanned me. Regardless of the shit and confusion in the past... It's been FIVE YEARS (5) that I haven't been able to participate in this community. I've done Quickplay and jumped on other servers in the meantime. (And at other times, I've been homeless and lived in my car for several years and haven't even been able to play this damn game.) I've talked to Mana several times in private messages in the past and he personally has no problem with me, but he respects his admins and the people who help run this community. He (again, for the second time) told me "I allow you to make an unban request on the forums, go for it.)" -- I mainly want to get "Arena" going again on these servers. We had such a nice community going on the "Arena Chicago" servers and I'd like to have that going again. Also, it's just been a guilt on my conscious this entire time. I've always felt like a valued member of this community in the past and then all of a sudden I'm this "asshole" who keeps getting banned. I'm not saying I'm an angel, I have a "persona" that I play in the Team Fortress 2 community as this "drunken douchebag" who just yells on mic. But never on LotusClan servers have I ever (intentionally) broken the rules or meant to piss anyone off. A couple of a people (Mainly the admin that was named at the time "ProLoser") had an issue with me. I still to this day don't understand why. I've always done what I thought was best of this community. I'm sure there are hackers and asshats that are worse than me, someone who cares about wanting to play on these servers. I'm willing to donate again and play here. It would really mean a lot to me. I have Mana's blessing with this but he claims it's up to the Lotus Admins to follow through. You haven't heard a peep from me in FIVE YEARS and I've been rather silent. That's a VERY long time to be absent in a game like this. I'm just asking to be forgiven (even though I still have no idea what's going on with my bans, since I never considered myself to be "trouble" here.) so I can feel at ease. It would mean a lot to me. I haven't had the courage to post this at all this past year but I've been drinking so... I guess I have the courage now. Like I said, Mana has been fine with it. I'm not a hacker. I've never stalked or harassed anyone personally on here. And I've only used the "vote" feature to kick people who I believe have been trouble in this community. Seriously, what "trouble makers" make apologetic posts like this and are trying to be sincere just to play on a particular server? No one. I'm not an asshole and I really love this place. I've been patient for 5 years, I'd really like this non-sense to be over with. Thank you for your time! <3
  2. IceSage

    Lantif - Pro Or Aimbot?

    He didn't miss once. What are you talking about? What's the time index or tick count where he misses? He always locks on to his targets and seems to kill them instantaneously. (He even snaps to them, you can tell when he snaps to flying rocket jumping soldiers.) Is he playing on a tablet and pushing his finger on all the players with impeccable aim? Is it natural to turn a full 180 degrees and shoot someone behind you, midair? I'm not arguing, just help me understand this crap. This looks like 100% aimbot to me. You sound like those hackers who claim "I missed a shot / died, that means I'm not hacking."
  3. IceSage

    Lantif - Pro Or Aimbot?

    Name: Lantif SteamID: STEAM_0:1:48456396 Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?xf3453qlbnbdpbg Is this pro behavior or aimbot? It looked obvious aimbot to me but some people disagreed. (Unless he disabled it after I pointed it out.)
  4. You're not even reading any of the post properly, are you? Do you even know what you're even responding to? You're not even an administrator or Lotus member yet, you're a recruit. Are you in training? If so, you're doing a terrible job at it. And yes, there is something you can do. When players join servers and abuse the voting plugin, that is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a punishable offense. It's okay to deny any action on this report at this time... Though, you seem to be overlooking what exactly is being reported. A set of particular players are abusing the voting functions... Which are meant to deal with troublesome players.. Not to treat Lotus as your own private server. This has been stated NUMEROUS times on these forums and through my own experience here for the past 6 years. There's a reason why everyone one on of my favorite servers (Lotus Arena! Chicago) have been shitting their pants in fear of the admins because it used to be a tradition on that server to kick people for fuck-all reasons just for the hell of it. (Donator or non-donator, it wasn't acceptable, period.) We used to have melee battles there all the time and when someone strayed from meleeing, we'd warn them a couple of times then kick them for "Not Meleeing." Though, guess what happened? Those guys who got kicked got mad, and complained on the forums... and a few regulars got a nice temp-ban for awhile for initiating the kick. This is in no way different. Laff & co. tried to police the server as if it was there own and decided that "Mini-Sentry Engineers are not allowed to play." I'm sorry, but playing whatever class you want is not disruptive nor has it been a rule on Lotus to "not play a class." Just as there's no rule saying you "Can't shoot when the server is melee battling." I'm 95% sure you're misreading this report / complaint. (Either that or are unaware of Lotus' own stance on things. Unless they've changed. Then in that case the same players are on Hightower again right now, and I'll help them get the votes out faster for removing those "troublesome engineers.")
  5. I told you people were harassing players on Lotus and VOTEBANING THEM because of the reason "They went gunslinger engi" and "We can put up votebans to kick gunslinger engis, and if people press yes, it's okay, because it's a democracy." So, if I feel like all Gunslinger engineers should be votebanned for playing gunslinger engineer... It's okay if that poor sap gets banned because the rest of the server pressed "YES" right? That's what you just said. Both people replying ignoring the fact that 3 players were completely griefing the server and using that exact same logic. So, what you're saying is... this post was useless as those 3 players aren't doing anything wrong... and votebanning players for 30 minutes because they're using Mini-Sentries is A-OKAY behavior. I'm sorry, that's just not the Lotus I've come to know and love. I didn't realize we let griefing players abuse the voting functions now. I could have sworn it wasn't a-okay. How times have changed.
  6. Okay, Gunslinger engis are against the rules and are to be banned on site. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. First off, I'm defending the 3 engineers who got votebanned. (1 I witness, 2 others I heard about from the guy who was talking on voicechat.) I obviously didn't get banned for jack. Secondly, using a mini-sentry isn't against the rules. Just because people put up a ban and it goes through, doesn't mean that's not abuse or the correct course of action. Banning EVERY single gunslinger engineer because "They're using the gunslinger" isn't a legit reason. If it is, I'll start putting up a vote for all gunslinger engineers to remove themselves from the server then. Save the griefers who are obviously abusing the voting plugin some time. Additionally, the ban % ratio has been modified for awhile so that it goes through very easily. I see a bunch of poor people joining this server and getting banned for essentially no reason at all. My apologies for sticking up for the little guys who probably found their way to LotusClan via Quickplay and wondered "what the fuck did I do?" when met with 3 assholes putting up a vote because they're butthurt they got shot by a mini-gun.
  8. That wasn't in this session. But yeah, I'm very colorful at times when certain players (friends) are online. Anyway, the point is they were putting up a voteban for everyone who went Gunslinger engi. I think this type of thing needs to stop. People votebanning players for reasons like "Went mini-sentry engineer" isn't a valid reason to remove someone from the game. (Especially for 30 minutes.) I don't care if they have donator or not, nobody should be kicked for validly playing the game. I think it's fine to harass people for it. Being like, "Wow you're a tryhard for capping / using mini-sentries, etc." But to make use of the voteban to do it? No, certainly not.
  9. Name: laff Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:10691269 Name: haX Zinc Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:49950889 Name: Maloman the Potato Thief Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52628185 Was playing a hightower game. It was all good and fine for a bit. Then these guys (especially laff) initiated a voteban against player Querux. When asked why the reason was, "nobody likes mini sentries." Screenshots: http://www.mediafire.com/view/vf3jc6vhlqpy0p5/laff_1.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/view/0mn9q458af6mma1/laff_3.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/view/52gob9tcpkd3hu5/laff_4nobodylikesminis.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/view/nfxajg18dffn5rw/laff_2steamid.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/view/a5sdxgwt4c2cf12/laff_2.jpg Update: Started playing Engineer right now. Maloman is accusing me of "admin abuse" (I think he means donator abuse) because I'm playing mini-sentry engineer and it's abuse because "I'm pissing him off and he can't kick me." Got a demo of that one too if you want. Update 2: Demo posted: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wk92w4b29gw4n6j/goingmini_sentryengi_laff.dem Voice chat comment from another player about how he was getting votekicked earlier for going Gunslinger engi too from the same 3 people, and telling me I'm "abusing admin" because they're unable to votekick me for playing Engineer.
  10. IceSage

    Legal Spot?/"glitch"

    I'm pretty sure if it's a place where you can die, be shot at, and is accessible without any sort of exploit... most places on most maps are allowed. Though, I'm not sure exactly where you're talking about... But for me most places that you can get to using your class abilities, AND be attacked at, seem legit. That's my opinion though, and is the way things have been on these servers in my experience.
  11. IceSage

    Anime Broadcasting

    Recently finished Puella Magi Madoka Magica... I have to say, I'm impressed. One of my favorites now. /end otaku progress report
  12. IceSage

    Stats Are Back (A Test)

    I think that may be intentional? Lotus was never one for displaying them. I think they were only displayed for a bit so Mana could confirm they were on the servers he wanted them to be on? Anyway, glad stats are back in some form. It makes it easier to keep track of local players when I can't get a steam ID, or evidence of nonsense, etc. I have like, 2 or 3 demos saved up where I find aimbotters, record the demo in excitement.... voteban them, then realize I forgot the SteamID. :/ (Who knew that "Vox" would be such a common Steam Community name!? )
  13. IceSage

    Stats Are Back (A Test)

    Are you just adding generic GameMe or will the classic (custom) rank and other stuff work again?
  14. Name: destroyer5223 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:69776432 Dr. Obvious with his sexy eyebrows told me to post evidence of his behavior. Here it is. Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?4cjo4gp5cbct2d9 Demo was already running as I was recording evidence of a mic spammer who was ear-raping us with some crappy rap music. (That we votemuted twice but he kept rejoining.) It starts in the middle of us banning him with him disconnecting thinking he'll avoid it somehow. I accidentally left the demo running so it essentially recorded everything destroyer5223 was doing from that point on. Either he was new to the server and thought the fact that we could ban players was hilarious and started spamming it, or if he does this type of thing often, I'm not sure. Either way, he was spamming the crap out of the voteban and others were following suit. For what reason, I have no idea. Usually the same people though. (Phrozenflame, etc.) 3 innocent players got banned for pretty much no reason... Including a player who just joined and only had 2 points at the time of the ban. (For "Hacking" apparently.) Then after I told him I was calling an admin, he just kept attempting to see how many people he could get banned while claiming, "Well, it's a democracy, you guys are pressing yes!" -- Which is true, but it's obvious he was abusing the crap out of it. He was even banning some server regulars which to my knowledge, haven't hacked. I decided to take it upon myself and voteban him, and he got his just deserts and people pressed yes. Screenshots: http://www.mediafire.com/?tp9vlwjp2x4cvdt http://www.mediafire.com/?s78x26s0lgc5apt http://www.mediafire.com/?zbptx6gb3i29324 http://www.mediafire.com/?1jwtb50b5d12o9f (Console)
  15. IceSage

    Icesage (My Great Skill Made Him Cry)

    First off, I put up votekicks / votebans when the server requests them. I simply have the ease to make it instant instead of seeing a bunch of people who aren't familiar with the server fumble to figure out which command kicks. Secondly, I just now saw that post from Tristan. (Tristan) Please PM me on the forums or via Steam if people have an issue with something I do. I don't just "toss out votes for no reason." I never have and I never will. I do it, again, when the server requests it or the issue is obvious. (AFK player.) I hated when donators abused voting functions in the past before I ever had donator, and I certainly wouldn't purposely do it willy-nilly now. Again, my particular reason for putting up a voteban towards you in particular was because the server was whining about you. I tried asking you what the deal was with people wanting you gone twice, you didn't answer. I still saw people fumble to incorrectly start a vote on you, so I just tossed it up. I put the reason as "Hacking" or whatever they claimed it was. (Keyword was that I put Hacking as the reason. I don't care if I got that particular hack you were or were not using wrong.) So, players could see clear as day if they wanted to vote YES or NO to remove you from the server for "Hacking." Majority ruled. Though, like I apologized to you and said earlier... I don't believe it was fair because the ratio looked like of close. (Like 15 yes and 9 nos.) I apologized in the other thread for upsetting you for the fact that you were removed from the server for a temp-ban. Though, I shouldn't need to defend myself or apologize for anything as I was using the voting function for what it was for. Voting. The server thought there was something fishy with you... I tossed a vote. The reason was clear as day. It went through. It's not like you were raping me or something and I was like, "ZOMG GOTS TA GET RID OF THIS GUY" and tossed up a vote with the reason "n00b" or "omg hacks!" anything. I simply used the voting function for what it's designed to do. That's not abuse it's part of the server and game. It was clear, concise, up front, and it went through. You're just getting upset that it went through. It's annoying, but I certainly wasn't trying to abuse the voting functions. I wouldn't do that at all, especially since I'm the last to hear about anything anyone seems to think I'm doing wrong. (IE just now hearing of other people annoyed that I kicked them?) I don't get warnings or messages via Steam for anything so I'm oblivious to if someone has a problem with me or not. I'm on thin ice already as for some reason people think I'm some sort of immense trouble-maker already and I've been banned first-offense, no warning before... Though I've never seen any evidence of any of this absurd stuff people claim I do. Again, I always try my best to explain myself and the situation. I'm not going to risk being permabanned by trying to intentionally piss off some random demoman on harvest. I simply put a vote through for what the server wanted. It would actually be 1 verbal warning for suspected voting function abuse. The other time I ever had a problem was a first-offense issue where an admin saw me post a demo of me shouting my lungs out on microphone. Which I... don't really do like, ever. You seem to be taking this a bit personally. I have nothing against you. Hell, despite your BRILLIANT PRO RECORD, I honestly don't know who you are and I could care less. Again, you seem to be self-entitled and think everyone who has an issue with you should be shot down and buried alive, because you're SUCH A MASSIVE PRO MAN. Scrubs like me just don't have any respect these days I guess... Sorry man. For the record, I hit "No" when the voting box came up. So, technically, I wasn't even the cause of removing you. Like I said, the server did.