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  1. Good thing you read the application guidelines.
  2. You can start your five games with Lotus Members
  3. Gotcha

    Unban Request

    Sure. Why not. unb&
  4. The loadout feature is nice, but it's pretty much just like a "steal from others while defending your own stuff" browsergame, so it went dull quickly.
  5. You can wear L-r. Be sure to check out the recruit forum for info on mandatory weekly clan practices
  6. Make a new post for every game. Don't edit the OP.
  7. Dicksauce was banned for hacking, which resulted in him spamming our forums. In the same moment people signed up the forums to create false reports of Ultimate banning them, which never happened. http://forums.gamingterritory.com/topic/28043-a-lot-of-people-getting-banned-today-for-no-reason/ You were part of this, and so was Dicksauce. Even though your actions were unacceptable, I am all for second chances. However looking at your profile, which is filled with racist and homophobic remarks, a change of behavior and thus an unban seems very unlikely. Unban denied.
  8. http://forums.gamingterritory.com/topic/28047-dicksauce-burgerkern-jamezxmassacre-dahpostman-shawnev-the-fear/?hl=burgerkern You were banned for being a huge ♥♥♥♥ and helping your buddy "dicksauce of fap" by spamming our forums with false information and trolling. And what exactly are we supposed to ask those friends who were possibly part of this?
  9. No. Everyone has the same permissions on signatures. They are hosted off-site, so the size doesn't mean shit. Check out the size of Obvious' signature and then continue believing into Pocketism whatever you want.
  10. Try without the URL. And no, this has nothing to do with forum permissions. Other members have URL/Image sigs just fine.
  11. I changed your signature to your current gameme profile. Don't know why you can't do it.
  12. You can wear L-r. Be sure to check out the recruit forum for info on mandatory weekly clan practices
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