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  1. In addition, Utara has the perfect battle gear with her innate ability. Her dress influence on the way she does damage. The pointed spikes on her collar do poison damage along with her piercing weapon. Her half skirt lures men. I noticed that there's an orange crown over her head everytime she takes damage. That orange crown-effect stuns nearby enemies. By the way, the Lotus warlocks take the most stunning time usually around 5-7 seconds or longer compared to other non-magic user units.
  2. They are serpent witches not lotus. They drain watchtowers' energy and it heals allies. If you are pertaining to lotus, they are called overseers. Overseers are not useful enough for me.
  3. that's right. The encircling of those units to a hut is simple.
  4. This looks interesting but no time to download and apply to my current game settings.
  5. I still believe the mod unbalanced the game play. For the sake of fun, kenji was included. I believe Kenji 3 is fine why kenji 2? That was peculiar.
  6. The clan I mostly liked is the Serpent. One of my reasons is Utara's membership. She is my favorite hero. Too bad she is the only unit that had the lowest defense. Her abilities make up to that.
  7. 2 years passed since the creation of this poll, Slave Driver is leading while Glass Sword is right behind. I have to say Glass Sword is good in damaging foes greatly but the consequences of losing a unit does not justify the action. A swordsman can be more helpful with a mugging battle gear since it affects several nearby foes that can alter the tide of battle. Slave Driver is one of my options since peasants with horses can contribute more on increasing resources. The battle gear damages peasants and worst kills them. It is hard losing a peasant when the population reaches 30 or more. The more you need a worker the peasant regenerates slowly at those points.
  8. Based on my experiences, enforcer is incredibly weakest on magic attacks while witches are vulnerable to cutting attacks. It is not best to make these units since they are not giving you the advantage of winning big.
  9. It had been a year or so this poll had been posted. So far, fire shield is popular as the lamest Dragon clan battle gear. However, all options were selected as possible candidates for the category. I stand on my first choice. FIRE SHIELD is still the lamest battle gear. It is almost insignificant to acquire.
  10. Utara, she is simply both externally and strategically beautiful. Too bad she costs 400 rice and 250 water and 2 yins. It's the first serpent hero i'll summon.
  11. The best is koril. If a non hero unit you want then battle maidens.
  12. spearmen are too weak against ronins. Try it in actual even with battle gears. Ronin will win.
  13. Utara's concept art was HOT!
  14. concentrate on your army and you will be the victor in the end.
  15. use utara wisely with taro. they kick ass sometimes.
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