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  1. lordserpent

    Who's Better?

    Koril ofcourse^^ fast and a good attacker chique no double posting that's against the rules
  2. lordserpent

    Kenji In Skirmish

    omg triple post. kenji is only playable in the mission. Read the script and exe from BR^^ kenji is not PLAYABLE in skirmish, everybody should know that by now xD
  3. lordserpent

    Is Anyone Who Finished Kenji And Grayback's Journey?

    i think the journey's are to hard to be true, but i still finished them after 6 hours of playing diehard:P the serpent journey was to must fun full, although the grayback story was way to easy xD the dragon also:P
  4. lordserpent

    Best Player In Br ??

    i think everybody how beats me is a very good player, but still im very bad most of the time i lose in 6 min or less.
  5. lordserpent

    To Ban Or Not To Ban?

    there are now 2 how have voted for no, i wonder what zymeth is doing, because it has been a long time since i saw him online
  6. lordserpent

    Victory Screenshots

    omg how can you make such a mistake xD. i can never post a victoryscreen of my self here because i never win T_T
  7. lordserpent

    Strongest Lv 3 Unit

    indeed almost impossible, but i think there is no real strongest unit because then the game would be out of balance and i think the creators thought that to. but warlock with SC are a bit overpowered
  8. lordserpent

    Great Game!

    im downloading the game now, i hope it is as good as BR^^
  9. lordserpent


    J*sus, for god sake. i dont want to flame or whatever but are you not overreaction, because if i have to do the something everytime someone does that to me, i would have been banned for spamming. But i agree on the point of respect because there is almost zero respect *only to the people you know but there stops it*. When i win*what almost never happens* they always call me a cheater or noob, i think the one how are saying that to someone how has won without cheating, is no respect at all
  10. lordserpent


    crossbowman are funny^^ but i like swordman more
  11. lordserpent

    The Scorpion

    i totally i agree with that^^ but why dont we stop flaming and close this topic
  12. lordserpent

    Youngest Best Player

    this is mean i cant compete because my age is godlike =D
  13. lordserpent

    The Scorpion

    OMG scorpion is now also used by those smurfers xD i played with him last week and when i almost killed him, he left the bitch T_T so i dont think that's him or her*i cant be*
  14. Dragon is better then serpent