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  1. Koril ofcourse^^ fast and a good attacker chique no double posting that's against the rules
  2. omg triple post. kenji is only playable in the mission. Read the script and exe from BR^^ kenji is not PLAYABLE in skirmish, everybody should know that by now xD
  3. i think the journey's are to hard to be true, but i still finished them after 6 hours of playing diehard:P the serpent journey was to must fun full, although the grayback story was way to easy xD the dragon also:P
  4. i think everybody how beats me is a very good player, but still im very bad most of the time i lose in 6 min or less.
  5. there are now 2 how have voted for no, i wonder what zymeth is doing, because it has been a long time since i saw him online
  6. omg how can you make such a mistake xD. i can never post a victoryscreen of my self here because i never win T_T
  7. indeed almost impossible, but i think there is no real strongest unit because then the game would be out of balance and i think the creators thought that to. but warlock with SC are a bit overpowered
  8. im downloading the game now, i hope it is as good as BR^^
  9. J*sus, for god sake. i dont want to flame or whatever but are you not overreaction, because if i have to do the something everytime someone does that to me, i would have been banned for spamming. But i agree on the point of respect because there is almost zero respect *only to the people you know but there stops it*. When i win*what almost never happens* they always call me a cheater or noob, i think the one how are saying that to someone how has won without cheating, is no respect at all
  10. crossbowman are funny^^ but i like swordman more
  11. i totally i agree with that^^ but why dont we stop flaming and close this topic
  12. this is mean i cant compete because my age is godlike =D
  13. OMG scorpion is now also used by those smurfers xD i played with him last week and when i almost killed him, he left the bitch T_T so i dont think that's him or her*i cant be*
  14. but sc is overpowered but i they dont use it i can kill every lotus^^
  15. i only made dragon warriors^^ with chi shield or fire swords depends on what u prefere^^ with healers of cource^^ and heroes etc.
  16. i still play BR sometimes when im so bored that i have to play the kenji journey because the storyline owns everything^^ i hope that there will be a BR2 or something like that but then with more clans and more units and stuff
  17. i had the same kind of problem to i also had to downgrade my drivers in order to get BR working agian stupid ATI update notifier *ping* new updates "fixes" alot of bugs and adds a lot more than it removes
  18. that's odd because normally speaking the dark creatures will come to you and you dont have to destroy all building from the wolf the objective is to kill nightvol^_^ maybe you simple forgot something^_^ or a place to look for. my hint/tip spread out all of your man and go to every ricefield and waterplace and every high hill.
  19. do you have battle realms installed with the winter of the wolfs? because i you have them both installed you can use the trainer form this site:P
  20. i hope there comes a new one or expension what ever the company likes but with many more clans like the eagle,loin, etc
  21. that bug should have been by now or is it still there:S
  22. is like this SAM first then ronin and the berseck and then warlock i tested it out with friends all fights were 10 vs 10
  23. i played this game i think it not very good because after u reborn ones u have to do it all over and then reborn again and level all over again but the items and stuff are cool im from server Mars
  24. the serpent mission are the best because then u must kill otomo but i totally agree the grayback missions were way to damn easy in comparing with the kenji journey although i also fought that the kenji missions had a better storyline the mission when u must kill the monks and pre tact the geisha were very easy
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