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  1. Aphte

    Long time no see

    welcome back ^.^
  2. Aphte

    New Battle Realms Rts In The Works

    This is the best thing I've heard in awhile!! It's also really nice to see and hear these news on video straight from Ed!!!
  3. Aphte

    Building Image

    Does anyone know where I can get an the serpent clan image that appears under the buildings? I think the gallery on the site used to have them but it isn't working anymore.
  4. Aphte

    The Worst Battle Gear In Wolf Clan?

    I vote wrecking ball, saps stamina way too quickly and its not very practical. I'm wishing it was more like whirling spear.
  5. Aphte

    Who Is The Prettiest Hero?

    It's obviously Kazan..., but my vote goes to Gaihla
  6. Aphte

    Favorite Unit From Dragon Clan

    spearman on horseback. i dont know why but I think its cool.
  7. hell, its about time... jk ;D ahah i cant wait! thanks for the email mana. this is one of the best things ive ever heard and its nice to be back on these forums again
  8. Aphte

    Concept Art

    theres still some in gamespot and ign if it comes to it i can draw them for you
  9. Aphte

    The Ballistamans Totem

    if theres a will theres a bug just put them on stand ground and theyll shoot still with totems perfect since it repositions the totems where the enemies are
  10. Aphte

    How To Kill Nekro Fast

    wolf clan... lol 1 hit brawler+ zen master counter punch
  11. Aphte

    Wht Clan Is The Best ?

    7-up clan? lol
  12. Aphte

    Most Popular Map

    twisted fate ftw
  13. Aphte

    Burning With Smoke Bombs This Cheat Or No ?

    sometimes letting everyone have their way still isnt right if a person finds a bug or a cheat that makes their units invulnerable and uses it would it make it better if everyone used it? then what would happen to this game? or in any game
  14. Aphte

    Best Rts Games

    battle for middle earth for me i loved how they made a unit into battalions and have that epic army look goin