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  1. that is awesome! im glad to hear that BR is one of the best games
  2. im just wondering how to open the models skin in battle realms like in half life and counter strike were you could change and edit the skin model
  3. wow i forgot about that thing were could we find it?
  4. im looking at the UVA to see if it has the BG,like the heroes their bg is on UVA
  5. i like the Dragon path bcoz your doing good deeds,,your going to defeat zymeth instead of grayback,,i dont want to fight grayback bcoz i dont want to waste all his effort to have their Freedom Sepent Path has the most difficult mission bcoz the dragon is not with you I like The Dragon Clan
  6. well,,for me it's the bandits stealth ability,,i think they are just useless because it will only make em invisible
  7. It Works Blunn The Sound Error Is Gone WEEE!!!! oh have you found the Monk's Capacity address?
  8. yeah im also looking for the watchtowers BG,,but still no hope and also for the BattleGears Addresses,,(Not the BattleGear Value Ex: Crit Strike = 58) I want to reduced the cost of some battle gear and their training time blunn do you know how to mod the kenji's journey? for example instead of having otomo i will have grayback like this one ive seen in a video he replaced kazan with garrin
  9. 756 downloads

    Hex Editor For Modding BattleRealms.Dat file
  10. yeah i think your right,,maybe its because of the SFX.H20 bcoz its from the demo,,im still using the demos SFX,,so i think its the problem,,it means that i need the Original WotW SFX.H20 and not the SFX.H20 from the demo bcoz its not compatible with WOTW, ,Can you Send it to me? ,,oh and do you know if were can i download the WorldMaster map editor?

  12. Wolf Units Are More Tougher,If they have Upgrades and Shale Armor they reminds me of The Spartans From The Movie 300
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