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  1. Tantra online expansion Kathana III, sorry for cant play br for now but i will play soon, i hope all ST members are ok
  2. NO I DONT KNOW THE WEAKNESS OF SC IN GOOD PLAYERS, but u said the same in anothers post, then i supose to u know that and u can beat that right??
  3. hi every body i just left br for a while cause many people was going to mass sc only, then i got bored of that, but i will play br soon and my new rule for 1vs 1 is no lotus lol, i wont play againt lotus anymore unless team games
  4. well i think lose vs one smurf is nothing, all people understimate new names
  5. lol alvz u start to talk about others games!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i am not fighting just answer about u said
  7. well is only one of the 100 weapons for one hand to magician there is 100 more for 2 hand more big but slow, all caracters have more than 100 weapons, look this weapon in knight online and kathana 3 in knight online the weapon of magician is a piece od wood just need more Details
  9. sup guys i play sometimes mmorpg too but to me is boring try to lvl up and never end. This game is really fun IMPERIO and in Mexico is free his name in english is Tantra online khatana III. to me is not boring cause isnt only lvl up, the other important thing is the god wars, all players fighting in the god zone here some screens here my leon fighting for me lol
  10. you right Bax, about one month without play br , i will try to play tomorrow some games
  11. u wrong alvz mug and vetkin are very slow against dw, well i think u never played against good lotus then alvz, they use towers, if u try to mug or vetkin u died and when they got heroes puffffff
  12. alvz u said sc have weakness vs good serpent players, i ask u, u can beat to Tera right? she use very well lotus clan, i really dont see the weakness on sc
  13. serpent is the best to me, i think the people need very good micro for control this clan. sc have not weakness alvz cause no one use only sc.
  14. well i think mage clan are mad cause wolfbite block for one week to mage jeffzosa (p-a), i think was the right choice
  15. TNX for the votes, i think all people who vote againts ST is mad, and why pro clan no is in the list?? oh i c pro isnt a clan cause only one member lol
  16. Lisa is the best female player to me, she can use all clans, is german i think
  17. Gamecube- 8 ps2- 5 (slow and old) xbox- 8 xbox 360- 10
  18. i dunno but i like to play br even if i have not much time for play... and u right is hard get one single game but i kick new players and smurf players, this way is more easy
  19. nice to see u here man i hope we can play soon
  20. omg cp i think u are mad at bax, anyway assasin just copy lightys style with lotus clan, his others clans arent good
  21. a lot of spam like always lighty, klitz, alvz. he is my pic
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