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  1. That didn't help at all. Same problem. I now have a slightly newer card, my 9800 broke so I got sent a new card. With this newer card, I get the same annoying slowdowns, stretching buildings and to top it all off I now no longer have a map.
  2. What's your system? Do you have an ATI card? are you running 64bit windows 7? Can anyone else running Battle Realms on windows 7 without problems also post your systems. I want to find out why this is happening. I ended up creating a dual boot just for this game kind of pointless, runs fine on XP though, just a pain having to reboot whenever I want to play it
  3. Here is the fix for everybody http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amRpgIDf1FQ&feature=g-upl Original Post Ok so for a long time I've had this problem only just decided to post about it. I try and play battle realms on my Windows 7 pc, it runs fine, until there's a battle or anybody attacks, when this happens the graphics stretch, sometimes disappear and other weird stuff happens as well as the frame rate sinking to about 2fps, until the battle stops, apart from this its fine. Worked fine when I had Vista, god I hate 7 for this. Here's what I mean about the graphics stretching, I have my archer attack the ground, and boom, buildings start flying all over the place, units start disappearing and other crazy stuff, so I can't play it I've played on my brothers windows 7 laptop, it's not as bad, on his the buildings just disappear but it doesn't slow the game down - Here's my system - Gigabyte S775 Intel X48 Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 3.20GHz 4Gig ram 1066 MHz Nvidia 9800GTX+ Maxtor 250GB 2x Samsung SpinPoint 320GB CoolerMaster 700W I've tried the scaling thing on the NVidia control panel, I've tried various compatibility options but nothing helps. If anyone know a possible solution or has the same problem please post here. I hope it's not just me with problems this bad.
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