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  1. pardon me sir but i'm 1000% sure you're bad.
  2. i personally think you need to learn how to play. i see several scrubs in this thread. "Doing one move or sequence over and over and over is another great way to get called cheap. This goes right to the heart of the matter: why can the scrub not defeat something so obvious and telegraphed as a single move done over and over? Is he such a poor player that he can't counter that move? And if the move is, for whatever reason, extremely difficult to counter, then wouldn't I be a fool for not using that move? The first step in becoming a top player is the realization that playing to win means doing whatever most increases your chances of winning. The game knows no rules of "honor" or of "cheapness." The game only knows winning and losing." -sirlin.net
  3. neXus

    Athena Walling

    yea, i think i accidentally unbound the spec rotate button to previous player, shit was getting frustrating. anyway, he lines up the shot then just peaks as he releases, there's no aiming after he peaks which is pretty textbook for walls
  4. neXus

    Athena Walling

    Ban Request - athena Date, Server/Game, Time: 3/19/2011/dustbow west coast, 4:10pm Explanation of the incident: obviously wall hacking, lining shots up through the wall, following players through walls, basically cheating his/her (its?) ass off. Link to demo: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20172021/athena.dem Their Steam Id - STEAM_0:1:5682134
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