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  1. beatz? diablo?

  2. hey where u been? get on msn once in a while since its hard to reach u over yahoo o.o

  3. short hair and im with my gf here is with long hair... no idea why i posted this im bored i guess lol
  4. well i got it. lets see if this works. my name is [LOT]diablo
  5. no way if this really works im so coming back to br. ill try it i hope it works
  6. some heros werent meant to attack. some of them have their purpose, like vetkin everybody agrees hes very useful. but budo can serve his purpose too, when you think of a fat guy you assume he doesnt take that much damage and budo doesnt really. and he regenerates life pretty well. so he can be good for tanking a tower. except someone who does explosive damage, other than that he can just stand there and take a beating. especially blunt. he can take that blunt like if its candy. well thats what i do, i let him tank almost anything that people put on towers except musck or warlock but people rarely put them so it works out you know. but yea wow garrin is an epic fail. if it wasnt for him calling horses so i cna use them as pack horses then he would of had no use for anything. hes weak and does gay damage. you would expect him to do the same type of damage a swordsmen does but he does the same type of damage grayback does. but he cant pull it off like him or even a swordsman for that matter. damn it i want to play br!!!!!!
  7. that would be pretty sick. but i dont know if battle realms would be able to pull it of. if it does than i would never stop playing it
  8. if otomo attacks koril and shinja attacks issyl then otomo and shinja win. if its the opposit then koril and issyl win
  9. arah is literally the most annoying hero in battle realms.
  10. think about infested as piñatas! thats why then they die they drop candy worms.. kas knows what im talking about
  11. bulletproof monk is funny i liked that movie. and yea avatar the last air bender was one of the coolest shows ever!!! This is how good a ninja is
  12. i dont know but if you find out tell me. i think it looks pretty cool too
  13. wow everything is just so annoying... lol i kinda just picked all of them
  14. i dont get it either and i thought it was kinda random too lol. but sounds cool?
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