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  2. Thanks a lot! I made one myself and since I didn't want to get raped on my first try this is the AI that I went against. It was a 1 on 1 because like I said I don't want to get raped by the AI since I just recently got back to playing the game again. [AIPlayerSettings] Name=Charles Aggressiveness=100 Cleverness=100 Exploration=75 Harassment=50 Intelligence=80 Attention_Span=100 Battle_Gear_Usage=95 Memory=80 Horse_Usage=50 Hero_Usage=100 Healer_Usage=75 I playtested it on the Ambush map and I have to say he's pretty tough. He attacked me quite a lot, of course my forces pushed his back and when I had my army complete I attacked his base. On the 1st unit I had Grayback and Gaihla along with 3 shaled Sledgers with Petrified Wood, 4 shaled Druidesses with Mother Earth, and 5 shaled Berserkers. The 2nd unit was Wildeye along with the same setup on Grayback's army. The 3rd unit was Longtooth with 6 shaled Pitch Slingers (would have used 8 if the AI didn't constantly attack me and killed them). One thing I forgot to use was the Shale Lord but since I was going against Lotus I felt that I didn't really need him since none of my units lost their armors but it would have been nice if I used him just for more damage.
  3. With wolf I personally use Druidesses to shut them down and attack with something else at the same time. I don't play online so I'm not sure if that would work against a non-AI enemy.
  4. This is my setup for Wolf whenever I would Blitzkireg (which is what I do A LOT): shaled berserkers, shaled druidesses (with that enhancement where their entanglement range is longer, forgot the name of it), and shaled pitch slingers (for burn on buildings) along with Grayback, Wildeye, Longtooth, Shale Lord (because I can), and Gaihla (it's kinda hard to go without her on my army for an extended period of time).
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