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  1. Yung feeling na tagal niya mag- reply... :/

  2. Yung mga feeling famous at maganda. HAHAHAHAHA.

  3. NW: Hyouka :DD

  4. Seenzone pa. Haha.

  5. Thanks man. I honestly didn't saw that, I've 0 percent modding experience but i guess I can try. This can be archived, seeing nobody wants to make me one )
  6. Bump. Really excited to use this. Having insomnia, haha.
  7. Hello, I would like to request a simple modification in the Battlerealms.dat file. I'm starting to play again, and get back in my Childhood. For Dragon: Add the 3rd Khenjie at the Keep and replace Otomo; since he died at the Campaign. No modifications on Khenjie, just add a small AoE rate. Make Garrin's damage stronger and make him alot more harder to kill. But not too much, it might get a little bit unrealistic. Add an AoE for him too, since his Sword is long - it's sure that he can swipe more than one at certain blows. Also change his Battlegear to the Guardian's Battlegear where he slams the ground and stun the enemies temporarily. Replace Monks with Ninjas. Make the Ninjas stronger too. And if possible, remove their Long range attack and make their Melee as strong as the Samurai's (Make them stronger if you can) Make Kabuki Warriors stronger and harder. Same for Dragon Warriors. Change Dragon Warrior's missile to Warlock's one. For Serpent: Make Shinja alot "stronger" and harder. If possible replace with Cutscene Shinja. Replace Taro with the Cutscene Taro at Kenji's Journey. If not possible, leave this be. Make Swordsmen a little stronger in damage. And replace them with the Cutscene Swordsman. If not possible leave it be. For Wolf: Replace Grayback with Cutscene Grayback at Khenjie's journey. If not possible leave it be. Make Longtooth stronger in damage, especially in melee. If a Berserker enters the Cairn, he comes out as a Werewolf. Make Dryads a lot stronger, with a small AoE. For Lotus: Make Master Warlock stronger and harder to kill. Make his Melee stronger than his range. Make Warlock's short range stronger. Replace Yvaine with Goddess Yvaine. That's all. I hope it's not too hard to do. If you have any concerns drop by a comment.
  8. Congrats San Mig!

  9. These aren't sorted out. I made a new showcase because the showcase I had where for the old ones/outdated ones.
  10. Hey gregor can you make maste warlock have zymeths BG?.. =))
  11. Lets play im new here

  12. Adiii Whag!!... >=((

  13. Pls guys help me out!!....... i really need this bad
  14. Watching Encantadia >=))Sino d2 may Fox Filipino sa Mga bahay nila?...

  15. Bat dami hatersss ni Claire? xD

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