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  1. Hi Gregor Everything is almost perfect. I love how the Nightvol summons hordelings! And the attack range of Musketeer/Zymeth is perfect! you really knew what I wanted 1 question. Did you reduce the damage of Zymeth with orb? I notice he does less damage at first. For example when shooting peasant he takes 3 shots to kill. First shot reduces health to yellow, second shot reduces to red, then 3rd shot kills. Then later when he kills more he becomes stronger and does more damage. First shot reduces health to red then 2nd shot makes peasant explode. Then later he can 1 hit kill peasants. I don't understand but I think your mod has some sort of delayed effect. It only takes effect later. Do you know why this is happening? It's not a big deal since everything works fine but I just want to try to understand. I am starting to notice a pattern. At first Musketeer also same thing, first shot on spearman is low damage, then afterwards when he kills more he does more damage per shot = 1 hit kill peasant! I did abit more testing and actually what you did for Musketeer damage in first mod file was already correct damage, it's just I don't know why first shot did very little/normal damage. Shortly later he 1 hit kills guardian which is not fun anymore Can you reduce Musketeer damage to be the same like the first mod file you sent me? Maybe that is correct damage that I want. Now he kills things too fast, FASTER than Zymeth even! He destroys buildings in 5-6 shots. To give you a better idea, I want Musketeer to not do more damage than Zymeth. First shot on Spearman/Guardian should make them red health/near death so that 2nd shot can make them explode. If they 1 hit kill everything then it's not fun anymore Zymeth can maybe 1 hit kill peasants since he is super powerful warlock hero but I don't think it would be fun if he can 1 hit kill everything else also . I don't know how it's best to arrange the damage, so you should be able to decide what's best now since I've given you a better idea I hope Sorry if I keep making you change stuff. I want it to be fun but also not boring to 1 hit kill everything I see. Thanks Gregor!
  2. Hehe yeah you're right! What number of horderlings do you think is best? Is 3 a good number like Soban's golems? Oh no I didn't mean for you to increase Dragon kenji with orb attack damage. I was just asking between Normal Kenji 3 and Dragon Kenji 3 with orb which was more powerful/does more damage? If Dragon Kenji 3 with orb does more damage then put him in Keep instead of Normal Kenji 3. So now you can return Dragon Kenji 3 with orb to original damage. Yes Musketeer damage is still too low. I want them to do more damage but not as much damage as Zymeth per shot. Kill dragon spearman/guardian in 2-3 shots. Ok lets do it for kenji's dragon 1,2/serpent 1,2 As long as I get to use all 3 heroes at same time. Ok we'll go ahead with Serpent Kenji with orb as well. Just let me know which one of these that I asked is not possible. I still hope that it's possible to increase Zymeth with orb and Musketeer attack range. Thanks again Gregor!
  3. OMG so fast?? And it's exactly how I like it too! thanks Gregor you're amazing! A few new things I need to ask: Dragon One thing I notice though is Dragon Kenji 3 with orb does ALOT of damage! is this normal for him or did you increase his damage? If yes, can you return him to normal value? If you didn't change then it's fine just leave him that way. Can you somehow add Dragon Kenji 1 and Dragon Kenji 2? I want to use all 3 Dragon Kenji at the same time Serpent Also, I think you forgot to increase Serpent musketeer damage. I tried to attack spearman using him and he does a little damage only. I want it possible so that he can kill spearman/guardian in 2-3 shots and make them explode. Can you also please increase his attack range by a little? For example fullscreen distance? I think his gun range is too short... I will only leave musketeer on watchtower for defense. Is it possible to make Serpent Kenji 3 like Dragon Kenji 3 with orb? I also want Serpent Kenji 1 and Serpent Kenji 2 same as Dragon. All 3 Serpent Kenji Lotus Can you also increase Zymeth with orb spark attack range like Serpent Musketeer? About fullscreen range also. Not too far and not too short. His spark is too short range Is it also possible to add Nightvol with BG summon hordelings without exchanging another lotus hero? If not possible, then you can replace Yvaine. Thanks Gregor! Just let me know if it's possible or not. I know some of it is silly but I appreciate your help in this. Thanks again!
  4. Hey all Can someone please help me make this mod? Serpent: Kenji 3 (replace Budo) Musketeer (possible to do more damage per shot? For example kill Dragon clan Spearmen/Guardian in 2-3 shots and make them explode in bloody mess >) Dragon: Kenji 3 or Kenji 3 with orb - whoever does more damage (replace Garrin) Lotus: Zymeth with orb - I heard Zymeth with orb does more damage than normal Zymeth, is this true?(replace normal Zymeth) If possible make Zymeth do more damage per shot as well - same as Musketeer but maybe do MORE damage since he is a hero! Thank you!
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