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  1. This is a fairly simple request, I guess. Unit -> Building = Result: Peasant -> Keep = Nightvol (Battle Gear: Spawn a hordeling that can be controlled as a unit. [Short Version: Is spammable.] Does not consume stamina, does not get a population slot, does not have a unit limit, and does not have a cooldown) Apply to all clans. Thanks in advance. (This whole idea sounds extremely Over-powered, but hell yeah boredom)
  2. Ha ha! Works great man! I might consider updating this so for more units, etc. but for now this is great! Thanks.
  3. Thanks Gregor, I owe you one once again. an Update maybe? *Dragon Worked great, thanks. *Serpent Can't train Shinja with Ronin. Also remove the Orb power from the serpent side for kenji *Lotus Change it like this: Peasant --> Keep --> Nightvol (BG: Make Hordelings, amount of hordelings is unlimited. TY in advanced. also dont follow the link, ima just start this from the top.
  4. (Sorry for Double post) I was reviewing Gregor's posts because he did this once for me. I now see where it is http://forums.gamingterritory.com/topic/18357-mod-request/ Follow up on that link up to the very last update I stated there. those looks like the mods I wanted. good luck.
  5. Heres a somewhat long list: *Dragon -Samurai + Bathhouse = Kenji 1 -Kenji 1 + Town Square = Kenji 2 -Kenji 3 + Keep = Kenji 3 -Kenji 3 + Dragon Monument = Kenji 3 w/ Orb power -Samurai + Dojo = Otomo -Samurai + Archery Range = Shinja *Serpent -Same thing except with corresponding units and structures *Lotus -Master Warlock + Keep = Nightvol -Peasant + Warlock Tower = The Horde *Wolf *****I Forgot this part, I'll fill this part in once I familiarize myself with Battle Realms again***** Colors In Skirmish - Change the other colors so that there will be 2 Orange colors, 2 Reds, 2 Greens, and 2 Purples. Thank you in advance.
  6. Color? and I start to crash more frequently with Dragon
  7. Sure I'll go check it out. btw if possible add wildeye to wolf: Berserker > Quarry = Wildeye
  8. Crash when Peasant train to Crypt of the brothers.
  9. Dude how about just peasant to Crypt of the brothers since I did not understand that. also add this, for the Ultimate Xtreme mod I've ever had: Warlock + Forge = Koril Warlock + Blade Garden = Issyl I don't think I'll include Soban in there. Keep me posted K Gregor?
  10. I dont know how to train Nightvol, when I put Peasant into watchtower nothing happens, just make it peasant into crypt of the brothers for nightvol and also Make the colors exactly the same, especially Dragon color, make it brighter and all the colors also look the same.
  11. Hey Gregor, nice job with the mod, but I kind of seem to crash a bit using wolf and using the end game Grayback and again requesting colors (LOL) can you change the extra colors like 2 orange colors, 2 red colors, 2 green colors, and 2 purple colors, I'd appreciate that. you know I think you might be one of the best modders of BR I've ever met. keep up the good work Gregor. Also make a few changes to the mod, change the Lotus thing, instead of this: Peasant + Keep = Nightvol (Old) This is how easy I want it to be: Peasant + Peasant Hut = Nightvol, Same BG Warlock + Crypt of the brothers = Zymeth Zymeth + Warlock's Tower = Zymeth with the Orb. just update the mod, thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks Mate, works fine now. can you also make only 4 colors, like 2 for red, 2 for orange, 2 for green, and 2 for purple. just update the mod,
  13. Actually it just crashes even in offline mode, I keep crashing every 15 minutes
  14. I keep getting a crash report every 15 minutes while playing. But still pretty good.
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