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  1. Happy birthday X.X i know im late T.T

  2. yes u not misunderstanding i ve enough of smurfer today i ve not usually play but when i play umm... u know it i don't want to say i still playing but not use that name anymore this is the last times i post in this website thank you for reading and good luck every one
  3. also nive avatar

  4. u have a nice br room name

  5. Today sexy undertaker join my room and told me "~ * Tales of BR * ~" is belong to MBR clan Is its true? I use its almost 2or3 years cant remember , Is this name belong to MBR clan ? my room name come from Tales of Series game, and i think by myself can some 1 told me this room is not belong to me? I'm pretty serious about it if its true and this name used to be belong to MBR then i ll change it thanks for watching
  6. happy birthday ^^

  7. yeah u was right i ve no need to talk with rude player thank s for ur information
  8. yeah u r losing in this case and u pick old thing to fight me what a lame people u cant even remember that u say fuck you to me? u said after i kick ur ass out off my room got it memorize? if i told to kick s that mean its not the first times he left my room , u just dont know and i do not care that person that SOL talking to is the one who use name MADJED a lot of ppl know how idiot is he and if u want let him play then i quit ur room before the game start did i do some thing wrong? i left or not its non of urbusiness , i kick or not its non of ur business too SOL my room...my rules and chemist alway better then archer cause they ve BG and u ask me not to use it oh almost forgot u already show ur self that u r wrong side and want to hide ur fault by make this topic up if i lie in my topic then u dont want to care if u was right and im wrong but one thing is the truth is you say "fuck you" to me , you say "ass hole" to me and that is more enough to let ppl ban you
  9. i dont know, may be because he say fuck you to me, ass hole and arrogant and he said "I AM STANDING FOR WHAT I SAID AND I DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO THIS KIND OF A PERSON" in this topic
  10. he think he was right again he build 3 tower in his base side only and he ve 6-7 archer he come to save me when all of my army is dead , i dont know may be that was my fault? if i play with other people he ll build some tower to share damage cause im lotus im making dc and ds to make we alive in long game he said he dont want to let his enemy destroy his tower then he use his all army to kill one group of enemy first under that 3 tower and let my army die with 3 enemy group i dont know may be that was my fault too? i dont say anything when im in lobby except some bug ask me why you destroy ur hut in my base i said y i want to play if my mate not help , then he said its not his fault and told me that im arrogant after that i said ok im arrogant dont play with me then smart ? i dont think so i ve no secret , for u that told me "fuck you" and "ass hole" too me ...... "bug" is too polite , and i said after you told me that word fine i do not care , if i see u i kick u , if i see u in my friend room i ll tell him to kick u , and do not to be apologize cause im not forgive u because im a arrogant like u said and i dont ve anyone to belive i just show too ppl that how you talk to me with that rude word yea Sora rules "no idiot player in his room" for u general sorry u really lag for me , when u left my game is smooth too i only play with u one times and the match not complete cause you lag , we never play after that times if i see my room lag i kick no matter what , and if i join in any room and the room lag i quit the room before game start no matter what i ve no idea why u said i play with u and i left the game , i think u ve met smurf or ur memory was confuse and the last thing i never quit in the game anyone know that , never even once , if i lose i always kill my hut and die right there
  11. yeah im sure cause he use to do this before but i forgive , and last match that he was play with me told me too update**
  12. if u play BR online i think u may know him this guy " [sOL]SOLIDSNAKE " 1st i think he become a good player after we play with him but seem i was wrong this day i got big disappoint he think he always right and he do not care what is other said ( EPOX know this well ask him lol ) ( i don't know what is he think , he said the one who better then him wrong and he was right , not surprise why he suck ) and this is not 1st times he do this look what he said to me well i just want to give him to learn some lesson lets ban him until he say sorry to me if u meet this people " [sOL]SOLIDSNAKE " please keep kick him thank you
  13. pin point from the crypt to tower , but brother on the tower is useless for me
  14. brother blade and staff from the crypt ve innate ability he gain more yin when attack any question?
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