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  1. Dovesink

    Assassin's Creed

    More like a pimp hitman in the Middle Ages. Check out some videos, for this not to be owned by anyone who plays quite a few video games is crazy. View some of its gameplay videos and trailers.
  2. Dovesink

    Few Ideas

    It be chaos, I don't think it would be fun at all. The creators made 40 as the limit for a reason. Asking to change the graphics and sound is a little much don't you think? I don't think Zymeth can do that all by himself......
  3. I really can't pick just 1, I feel like I do the very same with all of them cause each clan has something good to offer. Every time I play with a clan I say I love that clan, for each of them
  4. Well since Gaihla isn't on that list I chose Gorilla Man a.k.a Shale Lord.
  5. Dragon - Powder, if I can then Arah or the big fat flame guy. Serpent - Cannon Wolf - Those bow on the back dudes. Lotus - Warlocks, Master Warlocks, or Zymeth. Sorry but I havent played in over a year and dont remember the names.
  6. I havent played the game in about a year, sorry I dont know all facts. Just remembered Ronin being good as one, and Sam's are good in a group leaving all that damage when they die.
  7. CS:S, GW, DM, and maybe just maybe I'll start playing BR again.
  8. How could you not add Lithuanian? Zymeth speaks Lithuanian, thats disgraceful! JK I speak Lithuanian and English, learning German.
  9. Learning Germany for 1st year, no I probably wont answer your question you have asked in German, so dont expect me to.
  10. Ronin if its one on one, Samurai if its in a group.
  11. Dovesink


    Dissapointment, happened to me and 1nsane so many times this weekend while playing Gothic 3, then there was also annoyance and anger.
  12. I dont pay much of an interest in who has made a map. I guess he is your friend tho
  13. Ask him again til hes does reply, since I dont know.
  14. Ask 1nsane, I bought the game since its my favorite. He should know where to get the cracked version from.
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