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  1. eggna

    Assassin's Creed

    More like a pimp hitman in the Middle Ages. Check out some videos, for this not to be owned by anyone who plays quite a few video games is crazy. View some of its gameplay videos and trailers.
  2. eggna

    Few Ideas

    It be chaos, I don't think it would be fun at all. The creators made 40 as the limit for a reason. Asking to change the graphics and sound is a little much don't you think? I don't think Zymeth can do that all by himself......
  3. eggna

    Your Best Clan

    I really can't pick just 1, I feel like I do the very same with all of them cause each clan has something good to offer. Every time I play with a clan I say I love that clan, for each of them
  4. Well since Gaihla isn't on that list I chose Gorilla Man a.k.a Shale Lord.
  5. Dragon - Powder, if I can then Arah or the big fat flame guy. Serpent - Cannon Wolf - Those bow on the back dudes. Lotus - Warlocks, Master Warlocks, or Zymeth. Sorry but I havent played in over a year and dont remember the names.
  6. I havent played the game in about a year, sorry I dont know all facts. Just remembered Ronin being good as one, and Sam's are good in a group leaving all that damage when they die.
  7. CS:S, GW, DM, and maybe just maybe I'll start playing BR again.
  8. How could you not add Lithuanian? Zymeth speaks Lithuanian, thats disgraceful! JK I speak Lithuanian and English, learning German.
  9. Learning Germany for 1st year, no I probably wont answer your question you have asked in German, so dont expect me to.
  10. Ronin if its one on one, Samurai if its in a group.
  11. eggna


    Dissapointment, happened to me and 1nsane so many times this weekend while playing Gothic 3, then there was also annoyance and anger.
  12. I dont pay much of an interest in who has made a map. I guess he is your friend tho
  13. eggna

    Cs:s [bsk]

    Ask him again til hes does reply, since I dont know.
  14. eggna

    Cs:s [bsk]

    Ask 1nsane, I bought the game since its my favorite. He should know where to get the cracked version from.
  15. Meh, 10 year olds. I rarily see anybody so young playing an online game like BR or registering at a forums.
  16. eggna

    Cs:s [bsk]

    I've just bought a server and started a clan. We are recruiting and we have a 64 slot server which will soon be changed to 16. BSK : BloodShed King's - Welcome to our Kingdom. If you want to submit an app to join you must 1st get 500 kills and regular playing time on a server for a week. You will get accepted if 60% of the votes are positive for you. We recruit for skill, contribution, loyalty, mastery. Skill - Must be good, Kill Death Ratio 2.0 or above, we all have our bad days of course. Contribution - Donating money or buying admin from the server every month. Loyalty - Self explanatory, dont backastab and leave us for a small problem. Master - Mastery in something, Sites, Servers, GFX. [bSK:A] x l)sinKâ„¢ x DoVi Since we havent set up a site yet we might be changing our name while we still can. Please vote for whichever one out of these 2 names you like better. So far 2 votes BSK 3 votes KBD BloodShed King's or Killers by Design
  17. eggna

    My New Sig

    Yes there is that possibility, but it got smaller as I've seen many of his sigs have different names. Now is there a possibility you lied about being a female to get the mod job? l l l l l JK
  18. eggna

    My New Sig

    Its somehow weird that your sigs always have a different persons name on them Kabuki...
  19. Isnt buying a 15$ mouse an easier solution?
  20. eggna

    Guild Wars

    Anybody play Guild Wars? I bought it 2 months ago, only started playing 2 weeks ago. LEVELS : W/M 18 M/Me 10 R/W 10 N/E 5 The game is fun and addicting but right now I got too much shit on my plate to play normally at the moment. I'm trying to compromise to get more Dark Messiah MP playing done, and CS:S hopefully even assemble a new clan. Still tell me if you play because I do play a lot of GW. Main characters name, Ralig Ferda.
  21. Baxter, how about 1 mil Even 500K would do
  22. Are you guys children? 1 year is nothing? 1 month is nothing a year is a lot. I dont believe most of the people saying "Oh I've been playing for 4-5 years". Thats bs right there. Trample does nothing what so ever, maybe to you but not to me. Almost every game I get horses and they just die instantly without doing squat.
  23. I've been playing well over a year and trample hasnt done anything for me. Believe me I've used it at the right moments.
  24. Lotus, they can atleast burn and take dmg to an opponent unit which sits on them. Serpent and Dragon horses are basically the same unless you use yin or yang to activate some powers. They're really weak and get killed in 5 seconds, and trample doesnt do jack squat. As far as I've seen. Wolves suck too unless you have like 20 at once.
  25. eggna

    Wolf Players

    Dont double post, use the edit button. I now consider Dragon and Serpent my main clans but once I started Wolf was the clan for me. Its got good units but sometimes it is a pain to play with.
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