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  1. Yea i knew about that i do my research i was actauly looking for those graphs to put in the post but couldn't find'em I use the tf2 wiki all the time, mostly for hat value tho I do play on lotus sever not every much tho, I experiencing problems on them most of the time. Plus i requested to join staff i was approved i have to do 5 games But When i look at the Lotus Member group on steam there usually not on tf2 So i think Fuck it and play any sever
  2. Yea, its your fault you went around the corner isnt it, Unaware of what to happen, you get hit with a crocket which you can evade but didnt
  3. Whats going on with the drop system? Its been about a week or around 5 days now Everyone is complaining of not finding items? I don't know whats going on on of my bros friends told him the item drop system is down I need feed back Have any of you found anything in the past couple a days? Theres supposed to be a direct correlation between item drops and time played The average player gets 1 item per hour i usually get 4-5 items in a day! but thats cause i pull 300 points just under 2 hours on a sever Whole point is Has anyone found anything?! 11 Drops in 10 hours http://www.youtube.c...h?v=P5IrPTUnnE8 50+ drops idling for 1 month? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ_8k1_PkOQ
  4. I luv random crits, Everyone gets them so its your fault if you dont take advantage of them and its your fault if you die by them. That is unless your playing a fucking night team severs in which they sell hacks. They call it premium -.-
  5. What i've seen....can't..be unseen!
  6. Agreed Go to 2fort everyone loves that map because it was the breeding grounds of the original Bad-asses We all have learned and lost limbs on that godly map :3
  7. Core Game play and its origional style is still there the only that is garbage is the new F2P kiddies So go find a good sever cause its still a good game
  8. If the fiend Gandalf da gay is no longer a bother then a thread lock is a good idea
  9. Lol Were going a little off topic. About...4chan I posted on topic about votekicks and DrkEagle trolled a little bit because i keep typo'in Lotus with locus
  10. 4chan perfected and pretty much invented internet troll on 4chan Im not gonna say which board tho :3 4chan is just a japanese image board 2chan made american by m00t
  11. SPUF? Well i only experienced the problems on lotus sever but to its defense i only tried 1 non lotus sever
  12. Small note, Don't know if it goes here if it doesn't could a admin move it. But anyway me and many other players on lotus severs are facing the problem of not being able to access our load outs its not a huge ordeal but its annoying not being able to use my tomislav or my strange sandman If there's any know fixes please help i think it something with the sever its self cause my load out works on other severs But i mostly play Brothers of Chaos and NightTeam Please look into the problem.
  13. You troll me with out the knowledge of chan and YOU STEAL MY LINE Well played good sir.
  14. I HATE THAT, Im a pretty G heavy but people gang up on me. I call for a medic they just run by some are standing right next to me nor do they listen they have full ubars yet there's sentry's everywhere Sheeeeets lame bro.
  15. Don't troll, cause i misspelled Lotus D:
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