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  1. But these Heavies I see being useless usually are wearing the Mittens...
  2. LOL. What's a signature again?
  3. I'm surprised something like that hasn't been made, given the Soldier's love for badges he made himself. http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/3/34/Merch_Soldier_Portrait.png?t=20120905170946 NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOOOO. Life would end as you know it.
  4. For ALL classes, except Spy. Spies! BLOODY USELESS.
  5. How dare you not get your own account and upgrade...
  6. There needs to be like a melee that one-hit kills Heavies who also have Melee active. Like the Half-Zatoichi...but for retards.
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=178147200 I'm just being a goof. I've been witness to freaky time. Too freaky for my tastes. ...and the critz, oh man the Rocket Crits. @.@
  8. Instant way to turn favorites and generate Revenue...by Gift-spamming the servers. I need to do this sometime.
  9. I can't find anyone selling Strongbox keys...either the crate isn't that popular *as it should be* or something else is going on. Not even if you happen to get stupid luck and unlock a $2000.00 item? Because I had one in my inventory for a while~
  10. These kids today just don't know how to dominate...
  11. I keep seeing it at least once every time I play TF2, which is rather annoying...I mean, what kind of idiot would seriously invest in that much money on a cosmetic item that doesn't even show up on the model?!
  12. You mean a mobile Engi like this?
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