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  1. Honestly, the only reason why he still posts here is because people give him attention. Whether negative or positive, it is still attention.
  2. You are free to add members, though you can also just join their games and hope they stay for 45 minutes. I believe I saw you on Lotus east coast 2fort and you completed 45 minutes. Champ and Daffy Duck were also there. {adding members and asking to play with them is better than hoping they stay for 45 minutes. We don't bite }
  3. All I saw was a sniper who couldn't headshot
  4. It's okay willerms :] I am going to say I agree with you on this. Though I haven't watched anime in a very very long time, tv shows have gone to shit recently. At least American tv has. Not sure about everywhere else. I am guessing anime is following in that trend. But it's ok, I have no problem watching old anime shows :] Also, Kerb why do you hit on everyone
  5. Unfortunately, we cannot take any action on Trollcity waco since there is no demo of his behavior. Although the links you provide may point to a history of hacking, we need tangible evidence recorded on a lotus server demonstrating any sort of ban worthy behavior. Since the spectate option is currently disabled, try to grab any admin on Lotus and we will join the server to observe. The list of admins are here : http://forums.gaming...271-admin-list/ I am also an admin, though I am not on that list ;-; [edit] Spectate is now enabled. :]
  6. From what I saw he was indeed abusing is donor privilege. Initiating multiple votekicks and votebans against a player who wasn't really doing anything worthy of those two actions was inappropriate. However, you did engage him quite a bit which only fueled his immature behavior. Next time, don't provoke a griefer, not only does it make the griefer want to grief you more, but it may also escalate the trolling behavior.
  7. I did indeed! I also have screenies It was a fun day indeed.
  8. That's me isn't it. I hate when w+m1 pyros kill me. It's really annoying. However, when I kill them it's pretty satisfying. :3 I hate croc set snipers with a pocket kritzkreig medic *cough* ds *cough*
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