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  1. Huff, almost 1 month without internet connection. To Cros_Blunn: Yes, long live this game too. And of course all modders in this forum. To Huuvan: That video will "very bad" for the team that became your "victims". By the way, can thread name of this forum be renamed? May be by Marcelo, the "founder" of "Battle Realms Modders Nation" forum. Because when I (or other people) search with keyword [+modding +"Battle Realms"], it will be difficult to find this forum because this forum title is "Battlereams" (no letter L in word "realms"). I just want this forum easy to find because most tutorial about modding this game is started from here. And of course in this forum I meet all of you, the best Battle Realms modders. "Bad English" Zymeth mode: "Just the same... I'm sorry for my bad English" Nice to meet you all, I must back to work again. Thanks.
  2. To Godaime: Yes, you're right. Although we can "steal their buildings" or train units in their buildings or in our buildings, the other clan units don't have their "upgrades". At least, we know how to change the "targets" or "units" who "affected" from an "upgrade button", so the units from the other clans can have "upgrade" from our clan. So, I don't need to "steal" their buildings, I just train them in my building and they will have one or more "upgrades" from my buildings. Example, Swordsman from Serpent with "Tempered Steel" and "Dragon Heart" upgrades. Of course if they want to have "upgrades" from our clan, their "clan flag" must be set to our clan. Almost 8 years since I first play Battle Realms, but until today I still like very much this game. Moreover, since I read about "modding Battle Realms" from this forum a few years ago, I can spend all day just to "modify then play" this game. Thanks for the modders for their effort and their time, this game still life until today. To Mr. Fish: You're welcome, Mr. Fish. And just the same, I'm sorry for my bad English. Thanks.
  3. Hi, all... I just want to share something about building requirements in Battle Realms. Like if we want to build a Well, a Town Square must be available first and so on. Each building has an ID (not a model type). An example for Dojo that required Peasant Hut, if we move to offset 133F72 we will see like this: 02 (red) for building ID, 7F (green) for model type, 00 (yellow) for clan type (Dragon). And a Peasant Hut with offset 134916: 06 (red) for building ID, 83 (green) for model type, 00 (yellow) for clan type (Dragon), and so on. Now, we can change the requirements of Dojo (and other buildings). Just move to offset 143622 and we will see: First line (red) bytes is building ID, second (blue) is required building ID #1, third (orange) is required building ID #2, fourth (green) is required building ID #3, fifth (purple) is required building ID #4. In this case, 00 in first line is ID of Alchemist Hut and second line is 06, the ID of first required building (Peasant Hut). Another building IDs are marked with yellow. We will see that 01 (Bathhouse) is followed by 06 (Peasant Hut), 02 (Dojo) is followed by 06 (Peasant Hut), and so on. We can replace the bytes (IDs) of the required buildings with FF FF FF FF. Like this: Before: And after: This is just a few example of building IDs from Dragon clan: ID Model Name Offset --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00 7D Alchemist Hut (0x00133A7C) 01 7E Bathhouse (0x00133D28) 02 7F Dojo (0x00133F80) 03 80 Dragon Monument (0x001341D8) 04 81 Fireworks Factory (0x0013446C) 05 82 Keep (0x001346E2) 06 83 Peasant Hut (0x0013493A) .... With this IDs we can "steal" buildings from another clan. We can change Dojo button with the Tavern from Serpent (of course we must change the peasant ID to our peasant ID if we want to train our peasants in their buildings). I mod [battle Realms.dat] using Visual Studio 2010. Maybe my offset seems different with yours but actually it is a same addresses. Next post, if I have time, I want to show how to change the Upgrade Buttons requirements for each buildings (Ying/Yang cost and upgrade time). Just a little mod. I am very sorry if this post is "outdated" or "very useless" in this forum. I just want to share something for "Battle Realms modders". It's okay for me if this post will be marked "useless". And I am sorry if my English is very bad. Thanks,
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