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  1. Dr. Obvious


    He's right, you know... *slowly assembles Syringe Gun* A bit insolent, but right. Jokes aside, yeah, it's been quite a trip through the years. But all in all, the old saying goes (and I'm old enough to know all about old sayings): You're only as old as you think you are. I'm heading towards the 50 soon enough (Jebus fudge), and I only think about it when someone pokes me into the face with it. *shoots syringes at Dracco* Hope you aced the exams! *potatohugs*
  2. Dr. Obvious

    My dudes

    Dayum. That view is awesome.
  3. Dr. Obvious

    People Still Alive?

    #banned :-P
  4. Dr. Obvious

    People Still Alive?

    Now now. Hear hear.
  5. Dr. Obvious

    People Still Alive?

    Yeah, Mana awoke from the dead and fixed it.
  6. Dr. Obvious

    People Still Alive?

    Yep, the forum's certificate ran out, plus, apparently, the license for the forums more... enhanced functions. Alas, our attempts to contact Mana on that issue have been rather fruitless.
  7. Dr. Obvious

    People Still Alive?

    People pretend to be, indeed.
  8. Dr. Obvious

    People Still Alive?

    Well... not many people. xD
  9. Dr. Obvious

    People Still Alive?

    That is actually a good description for it. Our dear Leader has gone awol, too... sad times.
  10. Dr. Obvious

    Unban Request (Read Post)

    Nice wall of text. I don't see much how the original circumstances may have changed, but i'll still look into this. Closed until then. (and yes, i'm looking into the access problem thing, too)
  11. Dr. Obvious

    Kringeth000's Daily Dose of the Internet

    ftfy >;)
  12. Dr. Obvious

    Anyone play D&D?

    I'm with stupid. I mean. Seconded.