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  1. Hey there,

    i would like to update my maps, but normally the approvingĀ takes a long time (i still got an unapproved map 6 months after uploading. I don't want to judge or annoy anybody because admins have more important things to do, so is it possible to give me the rights to approve those maps by myself?

    Lots of loveĀ 

    1. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      i can't do anything about the right, you'd need to talk to Mana about it.
      As for the unapproved maps, i don't see any? o.O Maybe something got botched with the latest updates.

      Easiest way is to send me a forum mail on that.

      Edit: just found your "broken Friendship" from last year, but that's all, sorry.Interstingly, newer maps have been approved of by someone else, which is why i didn't see yours instantly.
      So, for the future, if you're missing something, try to contact me via forum PM. I usually show up here at least once a week.

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