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  1. still not working, game still crashes. anyway i've tested it on my mum's latop that runs the same OS as mine but has slightly crappier graphics; IntelĀ® GMA X3100 and it worked. im guessing the cause of the crash in my desktop is the Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT. still i dont know the settings needs to be changed in-order for the game to run in my PC.
  2. the file you sent me is literary similar to what i have except it doenst have INI file. i replaced it but no changes.
  3. My WOTW is not installed (i have a cracked version), its just a folder with a bunch of file in it. There is an .exe file in it with the name Battle_Realms_F and i just run it (as an admin) and the game launches. Here are the files. However i have the first Battle realms complete with CD and everything but its also crashes, i've tried reinstalling it but no changes.
  4. Im really happy to know that there are still Battle Realms communities out there. Anyway for the question, my battle realms crashes whenever theres alot of characters/entities in the game during battles, game crashes and i get this error saying "battle_realms_f.exe has stopped working" i've tried possible solutions like changing the game's resolutions, running the game as an admin, changing compatablity mode from xp to vista(vice versa) but still to no avail. anyone got a solution that can help? this is my system specs: OS: Window 7 Processor : Pentium Dual core 3.40 GHz ram : 4GB System type: 64 bit Graphic: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT
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