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  1. Hello Gregor.. can you make me a mod that powers Serpent Soldiers to make me easy on Kenji's Journey in Serpent Swordsman -have 10% more health -have 10% more damage Crossbowman -have 10% more health -have 10% more damage Musketeer -have 10% more health -have 10% more damage -take less damage from blunt type Cannoneers -have 10% more health -have 10% more damage -take less damage from blunt type Raider -take less damage from cutting type Bandit -have 10% more health -have 10% more damage Ronin -take less damage from missile attack -have 20% more health -have 20% more damage Fan Geisha -take less damage from cutting type -have 10% more health -have 10% more damage that's all.. ty in advance. )
  2. can i request a mod in kenji journey dragon and serpent mission in dragon garrin will replace kazan in cut scene and increase the population to 100 monks and ninja capacity is 20 and in serpentholm the 2 chemist will replace with 2 samurai and make the mission when shinja betrays the serpent can make more aggressive he can create a ronin for more thrill.. and decrease the spund of rice and water to the hero and when i press in town square, it will be changed in wolf building ex. when i press insert it will be changed to combat pit then when i press insert again it will change to the right of the combat pit picture i forgot the name. and when shinja kill otomo, otomo will be gone in the keep right change it to otomo will not gone in the keep and when otomo attack shinja keep he will said ''come out you mad man face me'' then shinja will said ''rally to me kill the pretender'' just like in this movie... then when i get soban in lotus he can create a 20 golems.. that's all in dragon thank you... in serpent when necromancer summon spirit warrior he can summon 20 spirit warrior then in when otomo betray in that mission dragon and wolf play noob and my soldiers is more powerful or (major advantage) that's all in serpent thank you.... thanks for an earlier....
  3. is there a new journey?? in this battle realms real time strategy
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