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  1. go to manufacturer page of your router and download the last firmware. update your router or set it to defaults. and don't set a static IP. may be you just played to much with the router settings.
  2. nice, but unfortunately it does work only against computer. And it isn't really a strtegy. It's your tactic. I see your love to dragon. Play someday online, then may be you will get a real good strategy using dragon against others clans. And Kabukis are bad choice vs warlocks. The best way to defeat other clans is mass id (indirect fire) behind the towers It's gay but it works.
  3. Playing via gameranger is easy.. No blockers, no lags. But no1 use it. Batter stack in gamespy lobby one or two hours and lagg and laggggggg. "wanna play 4vs4?? - No, we crash!!111"... lol
  4. omg... without bg SAMURAI always WINS, even if Ronin attack first, even if Samurai does not make range attack. It was checked many many times. With BG RONIN WINS and SURVIVE SEPUKKU.
  5. :angry: wtf you say about smoke? there is much thing's you can use to win. We all know that you are not noob. I give you example to understand what balance is and you tell me about tactic. And yes, lotus is overpovered. YES. But let me ask you: do u have fun to play with lotus? ha? I don't think that I can prove you somethig. Do what you want. It's stupid to discuss with you.
  6. ahahahaha!!!! It works great!!!!! THANK YOU Scott Kevill so much! What can I say? It 500% batter as gayspy lobby!!! People, you have to try it! So, i did test it with Manowar. He does not block, and I don't know about synq error. We need just make more tests! Small howto: 1) Follow the link www.GameRanger.com, download the tool and register. 2*) Run the tool AS ADMINISTRATOR (select the tool with right mouse button/run as administrator) 3) Make or join the host 4) Do not start BR, it start's automatically 5) If you are creator, wait for players and just press start (you will see it on the right) 5.5) Do not press ALT+TAB (now you sure press it, but anyway ) 6) ENJOY!!!! :wub: *Ok, I see, some people do not know how to run a program as admin. So i did make screenshots: Vista: XP: PS: spoiler-tag does not work
  7. you mean only one raider does not get reduction? If you have many warriors that does not work? I dont know about this ability, i never used it. That was just copy/paste. And my really working serpent-tactic: make 40 geishas with dark pact and budo! make them all in one group. and then make with budo slapslapslap pressing b b b and you will see a real nirvana! the battle is over nonono! dont ask me to tell you my real dragon-tactic!!! no!!
  8. Innate Ability: Ambush: The Raider gets no line-of-sight reduction in forests. Not many ppl play on maps with forest. So, i never used this. But it's good to know =)
  9. Simple excample of balance: Cannoneer > Musketeer, Musketeer > Ronin, Ronin > Cannoneer. I mean now only damage resistance, not that the unit has more health or something else. If you have a good micro you can turn Cannoneer < Musketeer in melee battle. But that should be really hard to do! Because if musk could easy kill canno and ronin, he would be overpovered. Nobody would make cannons. All players would make only muscks. WTF you need that??? Maybe this player found some hidden key to attack melee. idk. But I think, that is not right to use it. Or he is really freak and has supermicro
  10. {{{{{Ru}}}}}, my advise - forget it! If you find a easy way how to do it, the balance will be destroyed. That is not good=)
  11. Very simple game. I hope that goes here, creating more activity on the forum. Rules: Each player in his position can attack up to two characters and heal one character. Attacked, the characters lose on 2 HP, heals characters restored 1 HP. Each character starts with 6 HP, the maximum number of HP - 8. When the health of the character reaches zero, he is sent to the knock-out and gets the death count [3]. If the next player do not heal this character it will automatically become [2]. Then [1] and [0]. If in the next post (after [0]) nobody heal this character, he is dead. Wins the last character standing. After the player will make his turn (post), he must wait until at least two other players make their turn. In your post you must show with the color which chars you hit (red) and heal (green). That player, who ends the the challenge, can start again with his own list of characters. Example: Kenji 6HP Peasant 6HP person1: [color="#FF0000"]Kenji 4HP[/color] [color="#2E8B57"]Peasant 7HP[/color] person2: [color="#FF0000"]Kenji 2HP[/color] [color="#2E8B57"]Peasant 8HP[/color] person3: [color="#FF0000"]Kenji 0HP [3][/color] [color="#2E8B57"]Peasant 8HP[/color] person1: [color="#FF0000"]Kenji 0HP [2][/color] [color="#2E8B57"]Peasant 8HP[/color] person4: Kenji 0HP [1] (hit or not, that does not matter) [color="#2E8B57"]Peasant 8HP[/color] person2: [color="#FF0000"]Kenji 0HP [0][/color] [color="#2E8B57"]Peasant 8HP[/color] person1: [color="#2E8B57"]Peasant 8HP[/color] Peasant and person1 are the winners! OK! Dragon units fight! Archer 6HP Battle Maiden 4HP Chemist 7HP Dragon Warrior 6HP Geisha 6HP Guardian 4HP Kabuki Warrior 6HP Sumo Cannoneer 6HP Samurai 6HP Spearman 6HP I hit Battle Maiden and Guardian cuz i never use them. I heal Chemist, cuz he needs that Let's start the BR Battle Royale!
  12. The best for me is Kazan: "Burn, baby! BURN!!!"
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