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  1. Happy Birthday m8

  2. Banned: STEAM_0:0:75565087 Thanks for the report. Sincerely, LotusClan Administrator Team LotusClan.com United States of America.
  3. Because it is a mod. And technically you can launch the normal game and play, but you need to install the mods first.
  4. It is really not that bad, all you need to do in install Arma 2, and Arma 2 operation arrowhead. Then DayZ commander.
  5. HeadSh0tBrent

    Dayz Epoch

    Come join Ravage's meat grinder for some good Epoch action. Make sure you install Epoch through DayZ commander. IP: Port: 3170
  6. "With a little bit of uh uh, and a little bit of uh uh, and a little bit of uh uh, with a little bit of uh uh, I was like good gracious check out my tracers, so dangours trying to show patience, looking for the right time to shoot my steeds, catch em when there runnin hit em in the back of the knees." You need to sing it to the tune of it's hot in here, by Nelly.
  7. 2 scrap. Take it or leave it.
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