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  1. i got a baby face blaster if u r interested
  2. Added Im Still Buying if you guys got anymore I have brought enough L'Etranger already ty
  3. Hello guys, I am looking for a Strange L'Etranger If u got one n wanna sell it please post your price here
  4. how much do u want for that bud?
  5. i think its a high chance of him hacking, but could it be his ping which delay the shots and makes them look shifted?
  6. Sup guys, im selling a unusual of mine which is the Grenadier Softcap with Eerie Orbiting Fire. I was looking for 3 buds pure in promo (love to do a clean max + 1 buds) I would so love to trade my unusual for another unusual which is about the same price well if u want u can always overpay Most interested in Soldier Unusual.
  7. the conjurer is around the same price as a max, somewhere around 2. I m also collecting all the dirty promo if u have any
  8. hello everyone, anyone interested in a painted black conjurer cowl with orbiting fire effects? I am planning to sale it for a max,buds,unusual, or promo. And also Im looking for level 1 & 7 or gifted Max hat, Gifted Bills, and gifted buds. (basically every dirty promo) Please feel free to Offer
  9. thx alot, i kept my Max and i know u will never let your max go x)
  10. may i have a strange rocket launcher plz?
  11. Yo wat up guys, does anyone know how much a vintage level 0 Fedora worth? A guy was offering me his level 0 for my lime green max hat. He told me its around 2-3 buds, even show me proof..... if it true or worth it? I Know its gonna be pain in the ass when re-selling it...
  12. hey BABE!!!!!! how u doing :DD <3
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