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  1. I don't play this game. Wait for crUshed to review.
  2. Free ghost crates on me! If you have an extra ghost key and need a hole to slide that sweet sweet ghost key into, send me a trade invite.
  3. pockets

    Stats Reset

    I see how it works now by checking literally awesome's stats. I just don't have any badges
  4. pockets

    Stats Reset

    What do the "rewards" mean?
  5. When did this thread turn into borderline racism? Let's ignore Yousuckandhavenolifes's eyes and focus more on hating him for the person he chooses to be, a protein guzzling narcissist that somehow convinced us all that "pick up artist" is an important enough thing to have an acronym (PUA).
  6. I went to DC four years ago for Obama's inauguration. I mainly went to hug old crying black women. Mission accomplished.
  7. I'm glad you got things figured out but it looks like Valve also noticed this concern and fixed it in today's update. Team Fortress 2 Fixed a common "FindModel" crash for replays Fixed the Crafty Hair not using styles for the yellow and brown hair Improved the "Restore" UI for customizing items in backpack Fixed floating arrows on carried objects Mann vs. Machine
  8. Yep. Tried it today and it immediately sent me a bot. So I guess it's sold.
  9. In lieu of Cactus's absence from this thread, I feel this is appropriate.
  10. I tried to on Sunday, but the queue was like 1300 people long.
  11. Looking for the Track Terrorizer.
  12. I'm really bad at the game, but I'm up for playing.
  13. pockets


    I thought you might, since you have a guitar joke in your signature.
  14. pockets


    Do you play guitar? I would love to see more. Some songwriters can get away with a scrambled rhyme scheme, but they've been doing it for a long time. Start simple. I wrote a song for a band I was in a few years ago that was basically 3 chords.
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