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  1. Good to know, updated. I am sure a few of the commands are half pointless. I just know it works
  2. Ok, for the Linux users out there, the OP doesn't work. This is what I have found that does work, through terminal (and would look like like it does in command prompt). You do need Steam client installed, just as you would on Windows, so don't try and make this too cheap 1. Open Terminal 2. Type steam steam://open/games 3. Right click on Team Fortress 2, select Properties. Click Set Launch Options... 4. Paste this in the text field: -textmode -window -console -noshader -nosound -low -novid -nopreload -replay_enable 0 -nohltv -tvdisable -nojoy -width 640 -height 480 +sv_password "yourpassword" -sw -port 29015 +sv_lan 0 +map itemtest +maxplayers 32 +mp_idledealmethod 0 -insecure YOU WILL NEED TO PUT IN YOUR PASSWORD 5. Press Ok, Close, and play Team Fortress 2. 6. Look at your Terminal and you will see it acting as if you were idling in Command Prompt in Windows. To close out of Team Fortress 2 through the Terminal, press Control + C. This basically makes the game crash out and exit. It's currently the only way I know how to exit out through the Terminal.
  3. Banned STEAM_0:0:61522733 Multiple Hacks (aimbot, crit hacking - didn't need to see or look for much else)
  4. Zaythi

    Ban Request

    Wanting someone else to look at this. I am not 100% confident either way (clean or hacking). Aim looks well too assisted, as it it very choppy, and not fluid at all as human controlled should be. Missed enough shots that I just can't be confident enough myself. Paradocs 02/02/13 ~22:00 EST 24/7 Badwater #2 | New Jersey ( http://www.mediafire.com/?m55dt8cjp3ztc6z (Fairly large file, few classes in there as well) First 3m or so is heavy, and seems obvious, but then goes sniper aroudn the 24000 tick and that's where I start not being able to decide.
  5. I logged on this server within about 1-2 min after you posted this, and I saw nothing. Next time, try to record a demo, and post in the Ban Request section No name changing, no crit hacking, no aimbot, no wall hacking. Nothing at all looked even remotely suspicious. Sorry
  6. I really hate to see yo u leave. And sucks that all this awesome stuff is being given away Wish I had known about this, I would have paid for a few of those items in cash to help ya out! Damn these greedy people! (kidding of course!) Best of luck to ya, and hope all goes well. One day I might actually install Chiv!
  7. WOW....I guess I am the only one NOT using Razer and/or Logitech crap. So odd. I stopped using those almost 3 years ago. I will never look back and absolutely love what I have and would, without a doubt, recommend them to anyone and everyone. Currently using the following: Mouse: Keyboard: Headset:
  8. Just your run of the mill hack job! Name: xxxMLGUGCPLATBROxx Server IP: Date/Time: 12/12/12 - 23:45 EST until after midnight SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58935203 Stats Page: http://stats.lotusclan.com/player.php?steamid=STEAM_0:0:58935203'>HERE Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?5idzg52h02s3gs8'>MediaFire Link Yeah, watch the demo, it's fun. Not even a close call, just super obvious! No one was on at the time, so doing it here! Amazing for 10 hours of total time ever played!
  9. NP, glad to help out! A LOT of crits, with a medic pocketing with a normal Medi-Gun. Looked easy enough to me, figured taking the time for the SteamID would be worth it!
  10. I will be there. Though, probably not at release, as I am EST and work early. But I will be playing first chance I get!
  11. I am sure someone will be along to help you. In the meantime, the hacker in question's info: STEAM_0:1:51572520 also http://steamcommunit...561198063410769 I would highly recommend you also report him to Steam, as he can also be banned there, not just on Lotus servers. Thanks for making the report, and keeping the Lotus servers happy!
  12. FYI, if and when this gets approved, I will not make it to practice today (04/28), due to prior plans!
  13. 5th and final game posted. Recap: Game #1 Degroot Keep | Chicago ( L | TheProLoser 04/22/12 3:30pm - 4:10pm (40m, but Afro approved it!) Game #2 Popular Maps #2 | New Jersey ( L | Mariposa 04/23/12 6:50pm - 7:40pm Game #3 Payload Stocks | East Coast ( L | TheProLoser 04/25/12 8:15pm - 9:01pm Game #4 24/7 2fort | East Coast (x33) ( L | DEATH STRIKE {L | Super Zedro! stopped by for ~15m} 04/27/12 10:01pm - 10:55pm Game #5 24/7 2fort | United Kingdom (x33) ( L | Se7en {L-r | Balls of Steel & L-r | xCryonic were both there as well!} 04/28/12 1:47pm - 2:45pm
  14. Not looking for approval for this, just posting as I didn't fail to try, but just was unable to play a full 45. It seems like after 9pm EST everyone leaves for the night and never comes back. Screw having classes on two nights a week until then! Played ~35 min. with L | Super Zero and L | Mariposa, 24/7 Badwater #2 | New Jersey, 10:09pm - 10:43pm. Again, just posting to show I am trying to make the effort!
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