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  1. well when they came out,both were huge hits,but trully your right,Empire Earth was bigger,but both had many players,but as preious posts said,liquid entertainment is growing and as long as there is supporting fans,they will try their best to come out with a new one,also,warcraft 3 is dying as well,no game can last forever no matter what,people eventually get bored with it and as grphics grow it becomes inefficent,but i think it would make a huge hit,considering the previous popularity....
  2. me too hopefully,i just hope that they will remember this old great game,and what he posted in the forums
  3. wow,yeah it costs alot to make a game,i just hope some how,someday they can get the money
  4. well when battle realms came out,it was a huge hit!it lasted for 2 years before dying sadly X.X .Now i have a question,shouldn't there be another one?!after the impact it made the first time couldn't it make a come back?what do you think?
  5. awesome system...its better than most i have seen
  6. hi,i'm new here but i am scythe's friend...i think it sucks that this game died,it rocks!

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