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  1. Wow. This turned into a shit show really fast. I like how everyone is playing innocent like NOTHING has been going on. For the past week or so, Critler and Infinity and sometimes Dr. Orbit (while playing a very minor role, he continues to cheerlead) have been engaging in very aggressive behavior and just constant trolling (although admittedly they have moved to just passive aggressive inside joke at any thing I say or do). Personally, I have never had any real problems with anyone on East Coast (not sure what Nocturne is talking about, but okay?). This being said I have never had an issue with Infinity or Critler before this...casual joking but everyone does it. However, their "joking" has gone beyond being funny or cute or etc. I have politely and not so politely asked them to quit it because it is EXCESSIVE. Neither of these approaches have worked, but have instead resulted in further trolling and just being passive aggressive. Even when I don't say anything and play the game, they chose to continue their hijinks. Also, and I really SHOULDN'T have to address this, but Death and I are not the same person. Clearly, you haven't been playing enough on the server to hear that we have VERY distinctive voices. And I am pretty sure a simple IP check would solve this issue considering we live thousands of miles apart. Death has been witness to these things as well as other people on the servers (if you would like me to have some of them speak with another staff or admin, then just let me know). They not only were disrespecting me, but then began disrespecting Death as well. Considering other previous cases of admin disrespect land more serious penalties, I would not expect the resistance to Death's actions (i.e. the temp bans places). While checking the chat logs will be pointless because most of what occurred happened over voice chat, I welcome any other admins and staff to come play with us. Perhaps you will see the behavior described or maybe they will decide to be grown up adults and just play the game. So I will add my own demos...one recorded by me under my own account and one under my husbands this was recorded earlier this week (I believe that this was around the time of the first round of bans). This first demo was recorded by me under my account. Now, just so I will not be accused of "cherry picking" (see around 17:28 for the reference), this is all 22 minutes after much of said behavior took place (because I had to figure out how to record a demo). While it is very boring (and kudos to you if you can make it through all 22 minutes and the boring conversation), let me provide some context. Earlier in the night, I had been playing medic and I had said something about not trusting someone with kritz. This was not said in a mean way, but I don't usually krit pryos. Again it was just some random comment. I guess that is neither here nor there. However, Critler and Infinity go on and on for 22 minutes passive aggressively trolling me about it. I am not sure why my voice wasn't recorded on the demo, but around 13:34 I had asked them to stop and they go on about how I am the only one with the problem with this and that the server agrees with them. However, they comment many times about how I am making a demo and how "the ban hammer is going to come down" and this is their "last game on Lotus". While this is circumstantial evidence, it does show that something did occur earlier in the evening. This is something they had been warned about and they clearly knew that something they were doing might not look too good depending on what was recorded and when. This second demo was created after I had left the server (you can see my husband's account joining the server before I leave on my demo). Of course, again, there is a lot of conversation that is random and not related to this. But they go on to call me a cunt and how my name is "offensive" (because I forgot that the word "vagina" is a bad, naughty word). And then go on to mock Lotus and the entire admining process...little jabs here and there, but again, it supports that an "interaction" had occurred. They were aware of their behavior and they continued (albeit passive aggressively and kudos because it is harder to ban for that). I would be more than happy to just let this be water under the bridge, but I really don't appreciate people trying to throw Death under the bus on this. First of all, this wasn't the first instance. He had warned them before. Other people besides myself had complained on occasions besides this current one. So I appreciate everyone's opinion being thrown in, but if you weren't playing on the server, you really don't know what happened regardless if you believe my account or theirs. Death does a good job dealing with East Coast and I feel like he is fair. Sometimes he is too tolerant, but he generally keeps the peace in an otherwise crazy server (again, unless you have played there, you don't really know how it is). I guess if a staff or admin has any more questions would like to speak with me regarding this issue since I have spoken to Death and he has been there to witness their behavior on multiple occasions, then I would be happy to discuss. Really regardless whether they are banned or not, I am going to keep playing there. If they are there, I am just going to start recording demos. Even it kills my computer, then you know, I have all the proof and the staff and admins can watch hours of video at their leisure to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. If the behavior stops, then it still achieves what I wanted which was for all of this to stop. However since my previous attempts to extend an olive branch to the other parties involved have fallen on deaf ears, then what else am I do to? I asked them to stop. I talked to Death (the admin of the server). He witnessed the behavior on multiple occasions and it continued. Again, I will just start demoing every time I play to avoid shit storms like this. Clearly, this was my fault for not posting directly to the forums and letting the Lotus community to weigh in on it all. Death was just doing his job based on a player complaint and from what he witnessed, so no need to throw someone under the bus for my mistake. P.S. Let me know if the demo links don't work or you need it in a different format or whatever. I will be happy to provide.
  2. So I have been doing some thinking and I think it is time for me to leave Lotus. It has come to my attention that there are certain staff, members, and recruits who don't want me here and would prefer if I leave. Not that these people should dictate my staying or going, but I am tired of trying to win at an impossible game. Haters going to hate, I guess? I don't know. I wish I could get along with everyone and I have tried, but you cannot always get along with everyone. The best you can hope for is to play nice, but it doesn't work if the other party doesn't want to. To be honest, I have never felt more disconnected here than I do now. The clan has changed--both for the better and for the worse. Of course, most people will have no idea what I am talking about (just wait until the curtain is pulled back and you can see the Great and Powerful Oz), but I suppose that there are some who do know what I am talking about. I have been around long enough to see good people come and go and changes occur, but I just don't feel that this is a welcoming place for me anymore. There is a lot of politics, but much of it occurs behind the scenes, so just be aware of that. I expect this thread to be hidden or edited somehow (as these threads usually do), but hopefully this message gets through to some. I want to thank everyone who has supported me here...and put up with my bullshit. I have always tried my best to make people feel welcome here and to make this a better community (even when I was grumpy about stuff), but I am not sure if I succeeded in this. I really am glad to be leaving on my own terms this time and that wouldn't be possible without all of you who helped make that possible. I suppose you could say that I did it my way--for better or for worse. Like most of my posts, I assume this will be tl;dr for many of you. I will just leave you with this then... Goodbye.
  3. I am looking for a vintage kritz. If you are a Lotus recruit, member, or staff, I will overpay (I will buy at 1 ref). If you are non-Lotus, I will still gladly trade, but I will only pay the backpack.tf price (.66 ref).
  4. Are you selling or buying? Not that it makes a difference, but I suppose it does.
  5. Why don't you scrap stuff together? You also have a number of repeats. Speaking of which, are you selling your extra rescue ranger?
  6. I didn't think you could sell ref on the market?
  7. I guess I had a different theory. Not that yours doesn't make sense, but I just also assume that people are out to make profit and traders seem to be getting greedier and greedier. It doesn't matter if a key is really worth 3 ref because most people want to make double their profits, so they will ask for 5.
  8. Yeah they are ranging from like 4-5 ref nowadays, which is dumb.
  9. Dude, you need to craft some of that shit.
  10. Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

    1. Se7en


      I can't, I'm on a diet :]

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