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  1. "Hello! Heres my Pc" wat? How's it going?
  2. Background information to this screen shot. I Played on 1 full map rotation of the Team Lotus 24/7 Badwater sever. The game lasted for a good 5ish hours. I was 100% Pyro with the loadout of S.Backburner, S.Shotgun, Homewrecker, and my Cheaters Lament We vote scambled countless amounts of time, I took the initiative on almost all of them. I did have pocket medics at time, but I never requested them
  3. Glad to see the forum is actually alive, I'll be playing today starting now! Probably on the 24/7 Badwater :3
  4. Dear Team Lotus, I recently have been playing on your 24/7 Badwater sever and its been a great experience. I have a great connection and the community is phenomenal. I thought I would stop by your forums to tell you how much I appreciate the effort that is clearly exerted into sustaining that wonderful gaming experience. I hope to catch some of you on the sever some time! PS: I do a giveaway of one random item to the MVP at the end of each round. -InternetNiceGuy
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