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  1. Last time I checked you fixed the lags but now the UK is down despite Chicago being online.
  2. Now I don't even see it online. Did you completely shut down your tf2 servers? Anyway, when I checked it in june after your last reply the problem was still there.
  3. I experience issues with this server, every time I join the game freezes for like 1 minute and then goes normal for ~3 seconds and this cycle never ends. First I thought it's because of my settings(dxlvl 8, etc) when I got onto the server ~5 month ago after a very long pause. But it seems like none is ever online there, so I think other players experience the same problem. I don't have any issues on other arena servers. I hope you will check this up and say if this is what I told you or the arena mode is really that unpopular nowadays. Regards.
  4. If we just can ban him with 1 "voteban"....
  5. So there is no way to ban him forever?
  6. Ban Request - fps_daniel is best daniel March 13, 2012 LotusClan.com | Arena! | United Kingdom 16:42 So how you know i wrote banrequest to ban him (http://forums.gaming...est-fps-daniel/). But he just get another account and still playing on server. So i ask you to ban him by IP. New comments: his new Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:15010109
  7. So what? This guys have more than 600 hours on Arena | UK and position higher than your.
  8. Thanks you very much Lotus staff. We just tired of this guy.
  9. Ban Request - fps_daniel is best daniel March 11, 2012 LotusClan.com | Arena! | United Kingdom 22 PM. "fps_daniel is best daniel" should be banned because of his irritating and annoying comments which disturb the players. Even though banned multiple times there is not a single ray of hope that he will change his behaviour.That's why he has to be banned forever. Just look at his comments: More here: http://stats.lotusclan.com/player_histories/chat/1316274 Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?h834e2c81fu0xdc Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16345097
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