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  1. I think most people here added me. Hellfire#1434. Im up for a game most of the time.
  2. I like the new layout.  Haven't been here awhile so I am behind, lol.  WoW has been taking over my life again.

    1. Troll


      i know them feels


    2. BloodRedWidow


      I'm still on swtor.....

  3. Oculus VR is one of my customers today. Maybe I can get a shitty headset before I sell them equipment..

    1. MrDongles


      Do it I dare you. YOU WONT

    2. BloodRedWidow


      Haha! You could call it the Oculus Miffed

    3. fever


      If they go all salesman on your ass and you end up straight up buying one you should call it Oculus Whiffed

  4. Fire alarm going off at 1am here. Cant ever get a fulls night sleep.

    1. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      What did you expect with that name?

    2. fever


      Beat me to it...

      I'm not sure if Hellfire is complaining about someone else causing it or boasting about how he's ruining peoples sleep patterns ;)

    3. CashPrizes


      Bobby the firefighter. Nice "ring" to it

  5. After playing Rocket League for so long before Lucioball was a much slower version of it. It got me to pick up Rocket League again.
  6. That's how I felt about it for awhile then it wasn't so bad anymore after grouping up. Now Genji makes me want to quit.
  7. Actually ends on the 17th and they said they would do a 2 week break before a new season starts. So at least 3 weeks away.
  8. That is 6 hours ahead of me so that would be 12-2pm for me. Problem is I usually get off of work at 2pm my time. The team I play with is okay but the leader is a Streamer and level 200+ but doesn't have the knowledge yet to know what each class does well. They only play with what they are good with so no one can switch to what the team needs and adapt too. I feel decent and comfortable with all classes in the game (besides Bastion because he's terrible) but I can't switch to something else if they can't switch to compensate. The only good thing we had going was decent communication. For example after I got off for the night last night, they continued with ranked and in several matches and Pharah was a huge problem for them and kept complaining. Issue was they had no counters to Pharah. There are 6 decent classes that can counter a Pharah and no one could play those classes and as a result they lost those matches.
  9. What times do you normally play? I don't think I have you on b.net yet. I want to get into more ranked when season 2 starts up in September. Not sure how the time difference or ping will work out when that time comes. Just got back into Ranked last night with a full team and we did fairly well. We were all open in communication and probably won 7 out 10 of our games.
  10. That was my bad. Named it incorrectly because it suggested that name after my Hexakill file from my first McCree vidoe.
  11. Hellfire

    Ranking sites

    I personally prefer watcher.gg. Ill need to check out this overbuff one.
  12. I forgot to share this in the right forum, but this is very old. Got this over a month ago a couple of days after the game came out. Been used in a couple of compilations so far and still waiting for the 3rd compilation to post from that user.
  13. We have have 3 somewhat active Overwatch threads. Can we please get a sub forum for this please?

    1. fever


      Think we had about 20 as I recall for Dota before that got one ;) 'tis a good idea though, especially as 4 of the 6 sub forums listed are pretty much dead

    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      I am already working on this... >.>

  14. Hellfire


    I have not run into any issues yet because I am still trying to get placed. Only done 4 matches so far but the same issues happened with a couple of friends I was playing with last night.
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