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  1. In which page is your tutorial ? This forum already had a long conversation haha.
  2. Hmmm deket BSD tuh. Kalo gua di Depok bro. Yaaaa lumayan jauh lahh dari sana Wahhh besok-besok kalo gua mau diskusi Mod ama lu aja dah kalo gitu. Kalo gak ama si gregor itu hehehhehe. Salam Kenal yooo broo..
  3. Hey Ansya... Dikau orang Indonesia ya ??? hahahhaha brarti sama kita bro. Gua juga orang Indonesia Ngomong-ngomong lu tinggal dimana nih ??
  4. Thank You Ansya..... JESUS Bless you Bro...
  5. Hey guys i want to know that how how to change the Starting Army in Skirmish ???? You know like when you are playing Dragon with Low Starting Army, the one who shown in first playing is just 2 peasant. I want to change that with hero so when i playing it will look like Kenji Journey or Grayback Journey. Pleaseeeeee..... Thanks Guys. JESUS Bless U.
  6. Wowwww Thank You gregor8356. JB You bro. You're the best. Also Thank you too SITUVN. Now i know how make a nightvol in my Map JESUS BLESS YOU ALL GUYS.
  7. I already know a little about add BG. But i don't know how to change address. I don't know which one is i have to replace. I need a guide. (If can with picture hehehe) Thanks JESUS Bless
  8. Hey gregor8356.........I already download it. But it also strange. I can make out Nightvol come out from keep but the BG is not work. And when he walk, he has Kenji's Voice. hahahhaa And also i still cannot know how to add BG and how to change adrress ?????? Thanks JESUS Bless
  9. Owhhhhhh hahahhahaha Oh ya gregor8356, in page 44 of this topic, i read your post/mod about Recovery The spirit of Zymeth with orb & NightVol 32 hordlings (the one with video). And below it, it have a download link. When i downloaded it and played it. The one who have been in lotus keep is kenji. Not the nightvol. Whosw wrong it is ? And also i want to know how to do that ? Did you change the spirit wolf address with hordeling ? So when you press the BG the one who shown is hordeling ???
  10. WOWWWWW what a fluke/ When i was waiting your reply. I tried to change value Damage of heroes/units thorough yin/yang point. – By sanada000 which is written in "Battle_Realms_Compiled List" in cros_blun signature Anddddd.... i made it. But this strengh attack is depend by the yang/yin point......is same like the way you told me But it's okay i can change to how many i want hehehehhe By The Way Sorry i bother you hehehe Thank You-Thank You-Thank You-and BIG THANK YOU again gregor8356 JESUS Bless You Hi guys... i want to ask again. I make a mod that every Training Building in Lotus (Forge, Blade Garden, and Training Yard) can generate peasant into hordeling.... Because i want to try fight a Hordeling clan hheheh since all of the Peasant will become hordeling To see that i succes or not, i try it by one team with lotus (i playing dragon). But strange happen. There are no one of the lotus peasant enter any Training Building. Do anyone know why it is ?? Thanks JESUS Bless us.
  11. Hmmmm i still don't understand right now. But i will learn it again later. Also in there nothing write "Kenji"... Because i only want to mod kenji strengh attack. Because i think it's not fair, Grayback endgame can kill Peasant in just one hit. hehehehe So...can you tell me just Kenji hehehhehe only that i need. Thank You gregor8356 JESUS Bless You.
  12. Owhhhh now i know......that's same with the Compiled List from cros_blun.. Okay now i get it hehehhee. Can i ask another question ? Which hex number is represent the strengh attack ?? Cause i want to increase the Kenji's attack a little. Thanks again gregor8356. JESUS Bless You.
  13. Wooowwww once again Thank You Very-very much gregor8356. You're awesome. Now i can edit a soldier unit to be hero.... Oh yea i have another question..... Which number in each unit is represent the cost of rice and water ???? Just for example "Samurai" ( 22745A )..Which one is the rice and water cost.....And if i want to change the other unit, what should i search. Thanks again. JESUS Bless You.
  14. Wowwwww now i understand how it work (it's just change the number). Thank You again gregor8356....hahaha i think it's twice now you helping me......And also Thank you too to cros_blunn for your very-very important list hahaha But i have another question How to make the tier 3 unit (Samurai) can enter the dojo again.....?? Which number that i have to change to make Peasant can enter a shrine and can be other unit or even..a hero ?? Once again Thanks Guy for your help. JESUS Bless you.
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