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  1. Possum

    PC smelling of ozone

    Agreed, this is the most likely culprit.
  2. Haha I know the feeling. My current mobo has fixed clips at one end of the RAM slots (rather than the usual movable at both ends), took me ages to work out what was happening...
  3. Probably my best performance, back in May 2013. No log, and TF2Lobby is dead so no record there either
  4. Possum


    Schizophrenia much?
  5. This hangover.....

    1. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      You know what to do. Have another.

  6. You mean "any multiplayer game ever"
  7. L-r | Possum It would take you... 1533 continuous hours 63 days,21 hours,50 minutes of gameplay to complete your Steam library
  8. Possum

    Interesting Music.

    Yes and yes. All of my yes.
  9. Bronze 1 right here babe.
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