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  1. i think he needs more def vs his weakniss cus rlly i see him die 2-3 hits from a monk xDSo basicly: Otommo: needs more def Raider: need be back normal,same goes for Gaihla shes 1 hiting ppl and only die by poisen xD gave me a dam hard time in skirmiss too haha LongThooth not ment kil hole army with his bg in 1 hitxD this al that came out after playing your mod its really cool skirmiss! just these units need a fix wenever got time bro;)
  2. Forgot to ad Otommo nearly dies in 1 sec wen fightt vs his weaknis i think this not ment to be xD And long tooth can kil hole army with his boomerang haha
  3. This is amazing man!! you rock only 1 final sugestion wen ever have time in these mods raider are immortel only poisen can kil dem if can make dem back to normal its no big deal really but if can chance this this is the ultimade mod for me dont need noting els xD really apricate al you did;)
  4. 150 rice 0 water fine sry late response and take your time bro its late my country so il be on in few hours again;)
  5. yea there bg takes to long reload
  6. otommo nightvol ultara and garin the one that can call a horse not sjur if i put his name correct;)
  7. i tryd the mod btw but its not wurkin i tryd train peasent in bathhouse and no otommo came out,and idc the rice water cost rlly just wats easy for you just wanted dem cheap then in the keep;) correct
  8. yea i ment the second mod you made for me on page 1 and the last mod if you say 2 are poseble
  9. yea sry man my bad shud have said the final mod from page 1 ,anyways thanks you cant wait
  10. amzing man hahah i love you thank you so much! oke so i tested the mod i think i shud explained betterxDI wanted keep al the same as befor kenji in keep dragon serpent lotus nighvol and orb zymeth strong grayback etc like the orginal mod i just wanted to chance sume units shud have said replace units Wolf:Peasents train in wolfs den Scale Lord comes out Dragon:Peasent train in bathhouse Otommo comes out Lotus: Train peasont in aviory nightvol or koryl comes out witch one easy for you to do idc rlly ^^ Serpent: Train peasont in Bathhouse Ultara comes out and if they al can regain sp fast, Hope its more clear like this and its posseble
  11. hey man i like this mod most of all i was wondeting if you could make a small chance in the mod ?ii was just wonder if its poseble to to chance few units? Wolf: remove pack master replace for scale lord cost 150 Dragon:Remove geisha ad otommo cost 150 Lotus:remove raven ad nightvol if not poseble koryl ^^cost 150 Serpent: remove geisha ad ultara cost 150 and make al heroes regain stamina fast i really hope this is poseble xD
  12. hey man sry for late reaction im test it now!! hmm download not wurkin for me can reupload plz wen time bro ^^ haha its cool man only raiders are bit overpower now almost immortel so are fan geisha and raven they take on kenji and grayback without lose 5% health but its funny tho its exuly a chalange now xD
  13. There ever wil be a new battle realms after winter of wolf? i love this game so much ?
  14. ah nvm man to complecated explain Anyway cant thank you inuf for what you have done for me
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