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  1. Well before the nerf it was a fair and balanced weapon, reminiscent of the good game, Fistful of Frags.
  2. - Mike -

    Dirt Rally

    Holy shit, this guy's run
  3. - Mike -

    New PC

    What will your friend be doing on the computer? Also, reddit has a nice set of subreddits for building computers or finding the right parts. I think it's reddit.com/r/buildmeapc or something like that. Also PCPartPicker has, or had, (have used them in a while) a compatibility feature to make sure the parts will fit and work with the build.
  4. - Mike -

    Dirt Rally

    Nice vid, I too have been playing Dirt Rally and it's great, love the stratos and bmw from 70s and 80s. Oh, and the Monte Carlo, Monaco courses in 1970s open championship are loadsa fun.
  5. I am but a simple MGI or MGII. But my work doesn't normally start until 430-530, and the days I'm not working I have class during 530 -> 730
  6. Fast respawn is the best. Just play this game like a dm fest. If you ain't pressing w, you playin bitch fortress 2.
  7. It's hard to ask for help. Plus there are people like me who need all the help they can get lol.
  8. I think my 14 year old brother plays or used to play that game
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