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  1. - Mike -

    Best Lobbies Played

    meatshot 8)
  2. - Mike -

    Dirt Rally

    Holy shit, this guy's run
  3. - Mike -

    New PC

    What will your friend be doing on the computer? Also, reddit has a nice set of subreddits for building computers or finding the right parts. I think it's reddit.com/r/buildmeapc or something like that. Also PCPartPicker has, or had, (have used them in a while) a compatibility feature to make sure the parts will fit and work with the build.
  4. - Mike -

    Found a game breaking glitch on Hightower Event

    Looks like a good challenge.
  5. - Mike -

    PC smelling of ozone

    inb4 house fire
  6. - Mike -

    Dirt Rally

    Nice vid, I too have been playing Dirt Rally and it's great, love the stratos and bmw from 70s and 80s. Oh, and the Monte Carlo, Monaco courses in 1970s open championship are loadsa fun.
  7. - Mike -

    Me Picking Up Security Officer

    Still waiting for the sex tape, man.
  8. - Mike -

    Fitness challenge and free stuff.

    >$20 fee >free stuff
  9. - Mike -

    Would you like to get better at TF2?

    It's hard to ask for help. Plus there are people like me who need all the help they can get lol.
  10. - Mike -

    Anyone play Realm of the Mad God?

    I think my 14 year old brother plays or used to play that game
  11. - Mike -

    HOUWAR for Sale

    Oof, that original ID http://backpack.tf/item/274628997
  12. - Mike -

    Ti5 Predictions thread

    The Asian team will win.
  13. - Mike -

    Market Down?

  14. Woo, done with finals and my classes. Too bad my gpu is still kaputt x_x

    1. koKo_


      Finals in April? R u in college?

    2. D-Bee


      Glad your finals are over, but the dead GPU sucks.

    3. - Mike -

      - Mike -

      And now a dead ram stick. shit is fallin apart.