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  1. I'll grab a flamethrower
  2. I would like to buy a Left 4 Dead Bundle which includes both L4D1+2. The best I can offer is 2 keys + Genuine Lacking Moral Fiber Mask + 2 T.o.D tickets and about 2 ref I know it's kinda low but it's the best I can do as of now, I will try to get more I have bought the bundle, thread is now down
  3. Sure, I'll reserve one for you, add me and trade me anytime
  4. Sure, just invite me to trade anytime and I'll give you your weapons Yup, just a scrap, trade me anytime
  5. alright, ill get back to you when I get the keys
  6. I really want that degreaser, how much do you want for it since it has a part on it?
  7. looking for 6 keys but I will also accept offers also selling a Strange Tomislav for 2 ref
  8. I believe you can choose which part comes off, just click restore and it asks you if you want to remove each part individually, not the last part.
  9. Because you main Pyro and it was kinda obvious That a gooood hat, I like it!
  10. I'm guessing for the homewrecker? If one drops for me, I'll give you it for free
  11. It happens to me a lot, usually when I want to quickly bomb an enemy that's running away. What I do is go for rocket jumps not as quick because it only happens when you go for a rocket jump really quickly. I don't know if you understand but
  12. True.... If this is the case then I guess I'm fine with it, but we should add a message in our servers like the ones saying that say Lotus is recruiting to let everybody know about it because not everyone keeps up with the fourms
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