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  1. you asked for it, you got denied, you cried to your mommy, you already had, and always will have it, VIRGINITY
  2. all you kids are the same, when it comes to a girl kicking your ass, calling you out, telling everyone else the truth about ur piece of shit life, you all get mad and join together to basically give eachother handjobs in the process of hoping for some sort of a set of fulfillment in being remotely good at this game. so once again for you trolling niggers, "Thanks, and Have a Nice Day!" i'll download tf2 and come in there and pwn you up and down the screen, and in doing so, listen to you crying in the corner cause a girl is kicking your ass in a video game
  3. Tired of Wannabe Virgins Posting in Shit That They Have No Right Too

  4. i sure hope your not the same Ronin that was on the Lotus server hacking earlier which with i have 3 demos of first-person, IMO idgaf what u faggots think, this was just a simple post to increase chances to get admin on a server i play alot in doing so helping to rid it of hackers. Nothing else and nothing more, so how about all you fake wannabe niggers get the fuck off this post and go somewhere else. Thanks, Have a Nice Day!
  5. i understand why Willerns is mad, its tough to get a girl when all he does is post on forums correcting spelling and grammar and punctuation, that's why his best friend are his mom's Victoria's Secrets magazines she gets in the mail. I can understand they are very beautiful women, and you have high expectations but as of right now, you should start lowering those and get laid. Thanks, Have a Nice Day!
  6. well first off, i dont have a huge ego, because i play there alot i offered to clean the servers up, i never said you had to give me admin, i was just asking for it in a forceful way so i can get to it now and don't have to wait for a month or two months so technically your the one who is the pompous asshole posting your opinion on someone else's post who didn't ask for it. Maybe you should post somewhere else and not let your rude behavior get in the way of someone who is trying to help the server you fucking ignorant bastard
  7. Currently im the only one who is active in the CSS Dust2 24/7 Texas pub, and to be honest, if you dont care about that server, just give me admin so i can atleast clean it up and make the fucking server a little decent to play. If you do care about the server, still give me admin, because im there for about 2-4 hours a day just on that server, i see more than 20-30 hackers within those 4 hours, so i can get rid of them and make the server a little decent to play. STEAM_0:1:50625702 Account Name: Ryan_Vitale
  8. Time & Date :05-25-2012 / 12:00 PM US Eastern Explanation: the guy came in here and started hacking, we started a voteban, but you guys allow the !revote command so he spammed it and bugged it with no's Demo or Proof: https://rapidshare.c...113/graydon.dem STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:6130941 Server: 24/7 Dust 2 - Counter Strike Source -
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