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  1. Thanks for the mod, I didn't know that any unit can be summoned through the dragons fire. That was pretty cool in my opinion.
  2. Peasant creation rate to be at a fast speed.
  3. I would like to have a mod with. 50 fast population speed. For all clans Orb zymeth, 3rd kenji dragon-serpent, and endgame greyback to be trained in the upgraded town squares. That's all. P.S. There should be a seperate website or a place on this forum which would have a list of each mod ever created and with the description on them, so people don't have to keep on asking for mods to be created unless they are original.
  4. why is this even a debate if kenji is in the selection?
  5. lol... good question, and so will I.. try this myself.
  6. That is good to hear! i have been a fan since 01, and have been playing for a couple years at a time.
  7. Thank you. it is good to have such generous battle realms people here. I have fully checked out the mod, and the only problem is that zymeth can only be summoned once, can you fix that? and it would be nice if orb zymeth could be given more stamina.
  8. Can there be a mod request that has very fast population (60),And for serpent and dragon clan, replace guardian and enforcer for 3rd kenji. and zymeth gets put in stables to become orb zymeth, if that isn't possible, please make it so where zymeth goes inside of flesh crucible and becomes orb zymeth. for wolf clan- i would like greyback in his endgame campaign (the strongest greyback) to replace gaihla at the same time still keeping the regular greyback. so we have 2 greybacks.
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